Wisteria Bonsai – Let Your House Bloom

For anybody looking for a beautiful, classical flowering Bonsai tree then the Wisteria Bonsai is for you. Of course you will need patience, a lot of patience. On average it takes ten years for the Wisteria Bonsai to bloom and show of its delightful flowers.

It is important to realize that you cannot just sit back and wait, over those ten years you have a lot of work to do. Shoots will develop regularly and you need to keep them under control, maintain their length to around five inches, leaving room for four to six leaves along each branch. This style of pruning will encourage your Wisteria Bonsai to flower. 

Wisteria Bonsai – Let Your House Bloom
Wisteria Bonsai – Let Your House Bloom

Caring for the Wisteria Bonsai

Once your Wisteria Bonsai has reached the stage of flowering you must wait until after its blooming season to prune the branches. If it has not reached maturity yet the trim the branches every fall and during winter cut any spurs which develop and leave three to four buds on each.

After a few years of regular pruning you will realize that you need to prune the tree more than once during winter. Often the Wisteria Bonsai will become hardier and will take more of your effort to control. By ensuring you prune regularly you will encourage your Wisteria Bonsai to develop a more compact trunk and allow it to produce an increased amount of flowers and leaves for you to enjoy in later years.

At the first sign of flowering, when buds appear on the stems it is time to repot your Wisteria Bonsai. Make sure you use a high quality soil and provide your Wisteria Bonsai with the nutrients it requires. Be careful of the amount of nitrogen you provide, too much will encourage foliage to develop; lower amounts will allow the tree to focus on growing flowers instead. Look for a specific Wisteria Bonsai fertilizer in your local gardening nursery. 

Placement of your Wisteria Bonsai is also important to consider. Sun and rain are welcomed by your Bonsai tree, but be careful to protect them from wind. Strong wind can easily damage your Wisteria Bonsai and can stunt the development of flowers if severe. The Wisteria Bonsai is very popular amongst gardeners but do require more water than other species of bonsai, keep an eye on the moisture level of your soil to ensure they remain hydrated, especially in the summer months. If you are worried about remembering to water your Wisteria Bonsai then you can place the container in a shallow tray of water a very few days. This will allow the plant to pull up the water it needs without drowning the roots

Training your Wisteria Bonsai to take on the appearance you desire is relatively easy. To show off the eventual flowers to their best a drooping style is often preferred by enthusiast. Cascading flowers create a delightful look guaranteed to enthrall you and your visitors alike. 

Remember to repot your Wisteria Bonsai every few years and you will have a beautiful tree ready to flower and decorate your home for many years.