Tropical Bonsai – The Scintillating Beauty

The tropical bonsai tree is of such immense importance and value to most people such that they are emotional and ecstatic about these plants. The beauty of this tree is in its art, history, and appearance. Ficus is the most commonly grown tropical bonsai tree in homesteads and other places.

A Tropical Bonsai

Our case study will be on Ficus since it’s the most commonly grown tropical bonsai tree. This tree can survive harsh weather conditions and it is more resistant to diseases and plant infections. Its fruit which is the fig is used in various cultures around the world as a nutritional ingredient source. The wood of the fig trees is soft and was historically used to make mummy caskets especially in Egypt and the ancient world. The tree provides material for making bark cloth which is found in museums.

Tropical Bonsai - The Scintillating Beauty
Tropical Bonsai – The Scintillating Beauty

Furthermore, the tropical bonsai tree fruits that are the figs are used in traditional religious ceremonies especially in the Asian societies. Hmmm, can you imagine a plant that was used by the then Sri Lanka kings being grown in that pot in your home. Surely, blessings will befall those who keep the tree in their homes – jokes. Some of the other religions that use the figs are; Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and many others. The Supreme Buddha was said to have meditated under a supreme fig tree.

On the nutritional side, the tropical bonsai fig tree produces fruits that contain laxative substances, flavonoids, sugars, Vitamin A and C, acids and enzymes which are vital for the proper functioning of the body mind and soul. Much as you keep that tropical plant in your house, its important to know that its fruit will be a remedy for you in case you contract diseases that are as a result of Vitamin A and C deficiencies, thereby preventing unnecessary expenses incurred in hospitals.

Who hasn’t heard about the importance of vegetation in our environment? Imagine that you are a resident of the Sahara desert. Life for those souls is rather too difficult to live. The mere sight of my tropical bonsai tree in the morning motivates me to appreciate the wonders of the creator in enhancing our environment through green sceneries. Green plants reduce on the carbon dioxide contents in our environments so our homes are with reduced pollution levels. Low pollution contributes to our general good health and well being.

The tropical bonsai tree located just in the sitting room can be a good reference to our children the importance of history. By reflecting on those plants just next to the main TV station, I can tell my kids about how the ancient King in Asia managed to meditate day and night to his god for rainfall. Culture preservation and history can easily be associated with this tree since it acts as a symbol of genealogy existence. Without symbols like bonsai, history is obsolete.

Therefore, our beloved tropical bonsai tree should be regarded as part of our lives without which we could lose our future references in terms of education, history, culture and religion. This tree should be well catered for to show the value and importance we place in traditional symbols.