Redwood Bonsai Tree – The Taming of a Giant

Have you ever seen a Redwood tree up close? They are most certainly the giants of the tree world growing to dizzying heights of over 100 metres. With 3 different species, 2 of which hold records for their gigantic size, it is hard to believe that they can actually make an ideal choice for bonsai transformation. With short flat needles and a magnificent trunk structure, these monsters of the forest can be equally as breathtaking in their miniature form. The Redwood Bonsai Tree is most certainly a testament to the amazing control that man can have over nature.

Redwood Bonsai Tree - The Taming of a Giant
Redwood Bonsai Tree – The Taming of a Giant

The Redwood Bonsai Tree

The Redwood Bonsai Tree is an evergreen tree and their giant relatives are usually found around California in The United States. When deciding on which species is for you, there are a few points to consider. The leaves of the Wellingtonia Redwood give off a bad odour when they are cut and its foliage is more Juniper-like. The California Redwood or Coast Redwood has foliage that resembles that of the yew and is more needle like. The Dawn Redwood is quite the opposite to its 2 brothers in that it is a deciduous tree so during the Fall season its light green needles turn from red to shades of yellow before falling off.

Due to the fast growing nature of the Redwood Bonsai Tree, it is becoming more and more popular with both beginners and expert growers alike. A good size bonsai can be grown within a few years which can keep the less enthusiastic person more interested. They also have extremely strong surface roots which an experienced grower will be able to take advantage of when styling their creation.

The bark of the Redwood Bonsai Tree is a reddish- brown colour and it can easily peel away from the trunk in long strips when touched so it is important to handle your tree with care. An upright, formal style is most suited to this tree due to the fact that they don’t naturally bend or twist so there should be more encouragement for the branches to weep downwards. If you have any doubts about how to style your redwood there are a multitude of internet sites with detailed information on which style suits which species. 

Although the Redwood Tree may look like an indestructible giant, the Redwood Bonsai Tree should not be left in full sun. They need protection or their needles will burn and turn brown so make sure you keep them in a semi shaded area. During the colder months they will also need to be covered in areas where frost occurs. When kept well watered, these beautiful works of art are extremely easy to maintain. When kept in a shallow pot with regular root pruning it is simple to keep your Redwood Bonsai Tree in perfect form.

There is virtually unlimited choice when it comes to selecting a specimen for your bonsai project. Each tree species has its own unique qualities that make them the one to choose. The Redwood Bonsai Tree is definitely one to be considered. It is a breathtaking sight in both its full grown natural and miniature bonsai form.