Banyan Bonsai Tree – The Bonsai To Beat

Bonsai Ficus Tree - Miniature Artwork
The Banyan is a mystical tree in the strange way it grows. So many Asian countries came up with the belief that ghost and spirits are present in the banyan trees. Even though it looks forbidden, if you correctly apply… Read the rest

Azalea Bonsai – Bonsai in Bloom

Azalea Bonsai - Bonsai in Bloom
Azalea, or Rhododendron as they are sometimes known, is one of the most common of the flowering Bonsai Plants. Hybrids are also suitable and these should not be discounted when deciding on an Azalea Bonsai although the Satkuz and Kurume… Read the rest

About The Bonzai Tree

Bonsai Culture - The Development
About The Bonzai Tree Bonzai is a Japanese word, but its roots are Chinese and are derived from the word “punsa”. This word means “tree in a pot” The practice of growing trees in a pot was originally Chinese, but… Read the rest