Fig Bonsai – 5 Tips To Care For Your Favorite Bonsai Tree

Tips for taking effective care of your favorite fig bonsai is what you have always wanted to learn. It is understandable to be specific in this process since the varieties of this special species outnumber the classified bits of information on the plant care. But, this article discusses a few valid pieces of information which could come handy while you take care of the plant. 

Fig bonsai maybe superior to other plants of this kind but it has a peculiar propensity to take everything easy hence one, as a owner, need not be too thrifty while nourishing it for extending its life. You can afford to do as many mistakes as you could, as a beginner, and this plant will forgive you for every slip that happened, but, this peculiar characteristic holds good until a point after which no recovery is possible.

Fig Bonsai - 5 Tips To Care For Your Favorite Bonsai Tree
Fig Bonsai – 5 Tips To Care For Your Favorite Bonsai Tree

The fig bonsai is so flexible even when you don’t water properly. This trait should be beholden as the plus point of the plant hence an owner should not think about meting out poor treatment to it just because it resists anything. Such a trait stretches to its unique property of surviving those conditions in which lighting is poor and the light it receives is literally inadequate. The plant is very flexible to harsh pruning as well.

Caring for the fig bonsai

In short, as long as the fig bonsai tends to adjust itself to such inadequate and poor conditions, you can feel a bit safe and a touch wary as well. You never know what is up next when the threshold is reached. Follow these tips to help the plant face better conditions than what we talked about just now.
1. Cutting down the foliage to a couple of leaves during autumn and spring is a brilliant idea to facilitate the growth of fig bonsai, and for the creation of thick pads particularly on those well grown branches.
2. While the plant grows the branches may grow very quickly hence think twice about wiring fig bonsai at will.
3. You can strip the leaves or branches from the plant roughly about twice a year, if you wish to see the smaller leaves grow.
4. You can place the plant in an are that is prone to either half or full sunlight since the plant doesn’t really bother about the lighting. So, decide what it is that you would be offering to the fig bonsai if you’re going to place it in such a position. Wherever it is and whatever it does, make sure the plant grows in soil that is moist. 
5. You can choose fish emulsion, a few available organic liquids and seasol as primary fertilizers to help the plant do best especially during spring. Make sure that no mealy bugs, caterpillars and scale insects near them as they’re deadly for the plant’s growth.

Many fig varieties available out there are great match for bonsai and the fact that they are simple to take care of should make you doubly happy. Don’t worry being a beginner and go forward to pick fig bonsai. You will feel happy for having done that.