Cheap Bonsai Pots – Things To Look Out For When You Buy Bonsai Pots

Cheap Bonsai Pots

Just like choosing a bonsai tree, choosing a bonsai pot is not just as simple as we think it is. Most of the bonsai owners just come up with the hobby to have a bonsai tree as the part of their houses but fail to realize about its need and necessity.

The truth is that these plants require special love, care and attention from its owner and that is the reason that we should know that if we select a good pot for the plant then growing bonsai tree will be much easier. But choosing a good pot is not easy as we consider it to be. Selecting your bonsai tree pot is just as difficult as choosing your life partner that means we must be more careful than ever.

The pots are not just selected by its beauty and design, this is one more thing we should keep in mind but beauty is not essential. First thing we should observe is that the pot we choose must be 110 percent suitable for growing a bonsai tree. So that reduces our choice of selecting the pot we want. However thanks to the internet we get the best quality with variety of designs we can choose. Isn’t it great? However still a question comes in a mind to confuse us that which one should we choose? Or how much should we spend on bonsai pots?

Besides all, these questions can be easily answers and we can get the best pot that we like. Still the problem stays in our budget. So we have to decide whether we should buy expensive or cheap bonsai pots. We cannot spend loads of cash just on a pot, of course our plant needs special care and nice treatment but still it doesn’t mean we spend more cash on pots rather than home accessories. So cheap bonsai pots should be more appropriate if we are not planning to spend much in bonsai tree.

Finding cheap bonsai pots is a very difficult job because we have to explore each and every nursery and garden center in your area, look at each pot with concentration and then bargain about the price. It is a hectic job and might take even days. One possible solution to this problem might be online shopping. With online stores there is more probability that we end up buying amazingly cheap bonsai pots for the tree at reasonable prices. This way we can have a bigger collection and we then don’t have to worry about the prices.

Still not all the people have easy access to a consultant selling cheap bonsai pots and many of them don’t even have proper access to the internet so the point of having cheap bonsai pots is out of the question but still they don’t let this factor make them stop taking bonsai trees therefore there they use a couple of household items as an alternative to the bonsai pots. These includes, believe it or not, pie and casserole dishes. However, in my opinion there is no substitute for an authentic Bonsai pot.

In the end it could be said that the best option for everyone to buy cheap bonsai pots is to go online, do a little internet surfing and then make the correct decision.

Cheap Bonsai Pots - Things To Look Out For When You Buy Bonsai Pots
Cheap Bonsai Pots – Things To Look Out For When You Buy Bonsai Pots

Buy Bonsai Pots – Things To Look For

Growing bonsai as an art form is increasingly becoming popular throughout the world. It has seeped through from the once high walls of Japan and is becoming a calming, meditative, even restorative hobby for more and more people. If you are planning to start on this art form, make sure that you have all the information you need even before you sashay down the store to buy bonsai pots, soil and cuttings.

Bonsai is a very delicate and specific hobby. There are things that you have to consider even before you decide to take the challenge on. It is all in the details. So let us first take a look at the things you have to consider before you buy bonsai pots. Pots used in this gardening niche are not the regular, deep and circular pots that you see in any old garden. When you buy bonsai pots, you are looking for shallow, almost serving dish shaped pots that hold a very small amount of soil over a large surface area. This is done so that the roots of the tree have to spread around the area, inhibiting its natural tendencies to grow thick, tough and gnarly roots. This results in the roots becoming small and resemble spindles of wool.

Also, when you buy bonsai pots, keep in mind the different materials used to make them. Terra cotta pots, or earthen pots, are simple, copper colored pots that celebrate the beauty of the tree, taking no attention away from the plant. There are porcelain pots too, shiny and in most cases ornate with delicate art winding all around them. Bisque, or stoneware pots is harder then both previous pots and have a more modern look. As you buy bonsai pots, take stock of the few discrepancies between them. Terra cotta is somewhat porous, absorbing water, so over watering them will result in a damp area around and under the pot. Porcelain is much more brittle and needs the most cleaning and maintenance.

The shape of the pots should also impact your decisions when you buy bonsai pots. Oval pots have a very specific use, lending itself better to softer designs or multiple plants to create a forest, while rectangular pots look better with stronger looking plants that have a more pronounced base.

This may seem too much to chew, but bonsai gardening is nothing to take lightly. In Japan, it is done with utmost care and the masters are revered for their knowledge, creativity and skill. Think of the pots, soil, trees and grass and moss as your paints, canvas and brushes as you create your masterpiece. So make sure that even the smallest details are taken care of. As you buy bonsai pots, you are choosing the clean slate from which your most prized, personal and beautiful home ornament will spring forth. So choose well, again this art form’s success rests on the details.

So go ahead and start this hobby so that you can enjoy all the benefits of this soothing art form.