Bonsai Delivery – Arranging yours

Bonsai Delivery - Arranging yours
Does your home or office need something new, something different to spruce up its décor? Try a bonsai. Bonsai trees are miniaturised potted plants, an excellent choice for livening up any room or outdoor setting in your home or office.… Read the rest

Bonsai Culture – The Development

Bonsai Culture - The Development
Though the art of Bonsai creation seems to have begun in China, the Bonsai Culture has developed primarily among the Japanese. This stems from ancient times, when the oriental Japanese took the Chinese practice of bonsai, named it and perfected… Read the rest

Bonsai Buy – Is It The Right Option

Bonsai Buy – Is It The Right Option
After deciding that a Bonsai tree is the exotic look you are after for your home or office you have a choice to make. Do you buy an already trained Bonsai or grow and train your own? If you have… Read the rest

Bonsai Books – The Myths And Beliefs

Bonsai Books – The Myths And Beliefs
It is so easy to stay put at one spot over the day looking at pictures of the Bonsai Plant, as these small miniature-looking plants never cease to leave its viewer amazed at the creative work of art done by… Read the rest

Bonsai – Its History and Practice

Bonsai - Its History and Practice
Bonsai is an artificial method or art of nurturing a tree right from its seeds. Usually grown in containers, pots or trays, the plants of bonsai are cultivated through a number of techniques, which vary from one another. Since the… Read the rest