Bonsai Wiring – Learn Some Useful Tips

Growing bonsai can be very interesting. One process that you need to master in this art is bonsai wiring. Being an indispensable process, you need to know what exactly it is and how you can go about it so your bonsai making activity can be a pleasure and a success!

Bonsai wiring is a necessary step in the process of bonsai making. It is because through wiring, you can be able to easily create various designs for your bonsai plant. It is in this process that you can express our ideas how you want your bonsai plant looks like. This is where your imaginations and artistry work. Thus, it is necessary to know the needed technique to wire your bonsai plant in such a manner that you can do it successfully.

Some things to know about bonsai wiring

There are certain things you must know about bonsai wiring. A wire refers to a soft, manageable and safe tie material used in shaping the bonsai plant into the desired design of the maker. It is one of the essential tools in the making of a bonsai plant. Bonsai wires, as they are generally termed, can be a copper or aluminum. As it is too important to use the appropriate wire for bonsai making, you should be sure that you knew the malleability of your chosen wire. 

Bonsai Wiring - Learn Some Useful Tips
Bonsai Wiring – Learn Some Useful Tips

It is therefore important that the wire you must choose for this purpose should be one that which have more power to hold your bonsai plant. Although aluminum wires are too easy to use than copper wires and they are reusable, the latter hold plants more than the former. Thus, the best thing to use in bonsai wiring is an anodized aluminum wire. The thickness and sizes of wires vary. So, you need to use the wires which are compatible to the size of the branch or trunk to be wired. 

In bonsai wiring, the usual choice of experts settles on the wires which have the thickness equivalent to 1/3 in diameter of the trunk or the branch that is to be shaped. If you feel that the only available you have for wiring your bonsai plant is too thin for your plant, you can double wrap the wire or simply apply two pieces of wire to your desired strength. Well now, you can start wrapping your plant with the proper wires you have.

But first you must know that only healthy trees or plants can be wired. Bonsai wiring may cause the wood or tree to be stressed and damaged due to prolong bending. Now, this is what you should do: Choose your plant for your bonsai making. Think of your desired design. Try to bend the tree or the trunk to determine how far it can go. Do it carefully. Then start wrapping the trunk with you wires to your desired design.

You must be very careful and observant when you do your bonsai wiring. You should prevent too much strain on the branch or trunk to avoid breakage. Great precaution is needed not to leave scars on the wood as they take time to heal. If you’re doing your wiring during the spring time or summer seasons, it will be good for you. Be a successful bonsai plant maker. Do it with pleasure and fun!