Bonsai Trees – Simply Breathtaking Natural Art

There is so much more to the art of Bonsai than just taking care of a tree in a pot. Bonsai is the art of uncovering the inner spirit of a tree. You, as the grower, must assume the role of the caretaker. It is your job to create a relationship with the tree and to nurture it. This is a long term commitment simply because Bonsai Trees can live for many years. These stunning creations are traditionally believed to be symbols of the harmony between heaven and earth. 

There is no such thing as a finished Bonsai. They will transform often through your continual cultivation. Bonsai Trees require dedication and commitment however it is an extremely enriching experience. The trick is to make it appear as though very little has been done to achieve their shape and symmetry. To view these beautiful creations can be quite mesmerising.

Bonsai Trees need to be grown in shallow pots. The pot you choose to grow your bonsai in should compliment your tree, not draw the viewers’ focus away from it. It is essential to keep your bonsai in the smallest pot possible, as this will prevent the tree from growing too much. It will also be necessary to prune the roots of your bonsai regularly for the same reason. Repotting will be required once every year or two depending on the species. 

Watering can be quite a tricky process because Bonsai Trees do not do well when they are left sitting in drained water. This can cause disease or fungal growth which can be devastating to the plant. They also do poorly when left to dry out too much. If you continue to water your plant too often or not enough you will cause your plant to stress. This can be devastating and could result in your plant dying. The best way is to monitor moisture levels daily and keep the soil damp but not wet.

Bonsai Trees also require sunlight however in extreme heat you must take care to move your tree to a shady place to prevent the leaves from burning. The amount of sun your bonsai will require will depend on the species of plant your bonsai is. There are ‘how to care for’ books available for every individual plant species. These can be found either online or at any good plant nursery. There should also be a wide variety available at your local library. 
Although it takes a long term commitment to grow your bonsai it will certainly be worth your while. Requirements for all bonsai trees will be dependant of the plant species you have decided on so it is a good idea to find out as much as you can about the plant before you commit to its care. It is often said that inner peace can be found by simply observing a Bonsai if only for a short time. Bonsai Trees are mesmerising in their appearance and to care for one is very rewarding. As the tree matures, it develops its own personal characteristic which is why they are so wonderfully unique. No two trees will ever be exactly the same.