Bonsai Trees For Beginners – The Best To Start With

Bonsai has been a point of attraction for people all over the world. If you too are planning to step into this fascinating world you should start with bonsai trees for beginners. These trees are less complex and the gardening is not so intricate so that you can experiment and learn.

When you look for bonsai trees for beginners the first thing you should look for is that “is the tree a forgiving one as I am going to experiment on it?” This tree is going to serve as your learning curve and if it cannot withstand all the experimentation then it is not the ideal choice for you. Don’t be bursting with overconfidence even if you are blessed with green fingers. Bonsai is a different ball game altogether and it is better to start with a patient tree and gradually move up the ladder than get disappointed at your very first trial. 

Some Bonsai Trees for Beginners

Ficus is the first name that comes up when we talk about bonsai trees for beginners. The reason being it is a strong and sturdy tree that can survive about almost any climatic conditions so does not need too much of fussing around. Secondly it is a tree you can find just about everywhere so procuring it would not be a trouble too. The most amazing part about Ficus is that it patiently waits for you to get hold of the basics of bonsai and it is still there when you have learnt it all.

Another reason why Ficus is the top choice of bonsai trees for beginners is because it can withstand even your watering errors. Bonsai, unlike other trees, have varying watering needs. There are many bonsai that will simply wither and die if you make errors in watering. Thankfully Ficus is not one of them. As a rule remember that Ficus prefers slight drying up of the soil before you make the soil wet again. The roots need to be wet, but even if you forget the watering rules Ficus is strong enough to sustain through. 

Bonsai Trees For Beginners - The Best To Start With
Bonsai Trees For Beginners – The Best To Start With

Ficus is the favorite amongst bonsai trees for beginners because inadequate lighting shall not cause damage to the tree. Obviously it thrives under the sun but also has the capacity to survive when it is not there. Give it adequate sunshine whenever you can but at the same time your Ficus will tolerate the intermittent lighting conditions. Ficus grows beautifully and will make your bonsai learning and extremely rewarding experience. 

Japanese Red Willow is another hot favorite amongst bonsai trees for beginners. The reason being the plant automatically looks beautiful without too much effort. So you get adequately rewarded without actually toiling. It prefers a shade during the summers as too much sun is not quite comfortable for the tree. The beauty you get to witness when it blooms to a dazzling red in full bloom is a sight to see. This is one bonsai that is a pleasure to have around the house due to its sheer magnificence. 

Always start only with bonsai trees for beginners as if you start with a tree meant for trained bonsai gardeners you will meet with disillusion and may end up giving the art for ever.