Bonsai Tree Tools – Getting Your Perfect Bonsai Tool Set

Bonsai is an art of growing otherwise normal trees in miniature form. The whole concept of bonsai is based on “dwarfism” and how the trees can be grown to full mature stage but still remain a miniature. For this special gardening you need some special bonsai tree tools too.

Growing bonsai can be quite an intricate affair that demands lots of planning and expertise. Your bonsai tool kit can be your best friend when tending to your bonsai, after all the shaping and pruning are the decisive factors for how it looks. Proper tools would make all the difference.

Bonsai tool kits are available in a number of varieties and costs. For a newcomer it could be quite confusing when selecting one from the huge assortment. As a beginner it would not be advisable to go in for some fancy high-end expensive kit. Neither would you know how to use the tools and nor would the cost spent be justified. Start with a basic kit that would come cheap and have the essential tools required. Choose a hassle-free bonsai that is not too demanding.

Your bonsai tool kit should have a good pair of “scissors” for proper pruning. Scissors are available in various sizes and shapes. They are made of various metals and come with varying degree of sharpness and are tailor-made for pruning bonsai. Check the usability of the scissor for bonsai pruning; it should not be just any normal scissor. The scissor should be sharp for perfect pruning. The design would be very important as it should not damage the rest of the plant while being used.

The second essential of your bonsai tool kit is a “branch cutter”. This cutter should be sharp and sturdy and would be used for pruning the branches. Normal scissors would not suffice for cutting branches especially when you are pruning an older plant or converting a shrub. Pruning is done of the branches, roots and trunk and it is imperative to have a sharp branch cutter to do it expertly. A wrong cut can destroy your labor of years, hence should not be compromised on.

A “shaping knife” is another essential of your bonsai tool kit. It should have sharp concave-edged blades to avoid any damage to the rest of the bonsai while shaping. Secondly the concave wounds are faster to heal too, hence preferred. Choose one with pristine sharpness. If you have more than one bonsai of varying sizes it would be best to buy shaping knives of different sizes too as one size would not be appropriate for all. It is the best tool for precision pruning of bonsai.

“Bud scissors” are also an essential bonsai tool as they help in pruning small branches, buds and leaves. As these scissors are small and sharp they can easily be accommodated for the minute cutting requirements of the bonsai without harming the rest of the bonsai. “Bonsai wire cutters” are also very essential as they would help in shaping and training your bonsai. While removing the wire there may be some injury to the trunk and to avoid this damage you need a good wire-cutter.

If budget is not a constraint you should purchase a stainless steel bonsai tool kit as they are durable, sturdy and precise. Alternatively the carbon tools are a good and cheaper option to start with and later on once you have mastered the art you may switch to stainless steel ones.

Bonsai Scissors and Cutters

The most important bonsai tree tools are “bonsai scissors”. Although quite similar in look to your normal scissor there is a definite difference in them that makes them best suited for bonsai trees. The sharpening on the scissor is what makes all the difference. The surfaces sharp so that when you make a cut on the woody stem it makes a clean cut and does not give you jagged edges or cause any harm to the bonsai. 

Another important bonsai tree tools are “cutters”. They are of two types, for the stem and for the roots. An 8″ Japanese Concave Bonsai Branch Cutter is excellent for cutting bonsai branches that are 0.25” – 0.8” range. The wood hardness would also make difference here. 8″ Japanese Root Cutters are excellent for cutting roots of your bonsai during both potting and repotting. Their 9/16” wide jaw that can open up to 1.25” is just ideal for the pruning process. It is made of high quality stainless steel that is guaranteed to last you years. 

“8” Japanese Knob cutters” are also essential bonsai tree tools. These cutters are used specifically when you need to remove branches from very proximity to the tree trunk. Apart from this they can also be used for shaping the tree trunk tops just to fasten the process of healing. The reason being when you cut a branch that is too close to the trunk you end up hollowing out the trunk. When using this tool the hollowing out is done with expertise that the scar tissue can heal quickly. 

“8” bonsai cutting shears” are another salient bonsai tree tools that are very useful while pruning the bonsai. The Japanese shears are made of blackened high quality steel that does not rust and has a long life. They can easily cut through ¼” thick branches and depending on the hardness of the wood they may even cut thicker branches. They have very sharp blades and can be used for all the trimming and pruning needs. “Bonsai tweezers” are also very important and can be used for clearing up the unwanted leaves, twigs and the litter in and around your bonsai. 


Another essential bonsai tree tools are “Japanese 100 grams bonsai wires”. These wires come in a set of 4 with each wire roll having a different width mainly 1mm, 3mm, 2mm and 4mm. these wires are used for covering the bonsai while shaping the tree. You can get these wires in different widths as per your preference. You can also buy a complete bonsai tool kit that would have all the essential tools that would suffice your gardening needs.

Japanese Bonsai Tools

The most essential requirements in the art of Bonsai after the plant selection are your Japanese Bonsai Tools. These play a necessary part in assisting you in the shaping and maintenance of your creation. With the right tools you can make your chosen seed come to life and transform into a living, breathing work of art. The range of tools is quite extensive however with just a handful of the most important you will be well on your way to enjoying your very own bonsai art form. 

Although there are many different makers of tools, Japanese Bonsai Tools are the only choice when looking for quality items that will perform and last. Buying good quality tools is a smart investment as these will last a lifetime. An often much cheaper option is Chinese tools however these are built to a much lesser quality where as Japanese Bonsai Tools, although more expensive, come in various grades from Beginner, Intermediate and Professional all of which when cleaned and oiled regularly, will give you many years of good service.

The most important Japanese Bonsai Tools would have to include the single point root rake. This must have tool is used to separate capillary roots during repotting. It has a single prong and is a simple yet necessary tool for all bonsai growers. Next on the list are the Satsuki Shears. They have a long thin fine body made purposely for trimming shoots and reaching to the bottom with hardly any trouble to the adjacent plants. The Concave Cutter was designed for cutting branches flush so there is little scaring and faster healing of the trunk. This Cutting Tool is the solo tool which is very significant for this purpose hence there is no replacement. This tool will be the first one recommended by any reputable seller of Japanese Bonsai Tools.

Bonsai are plants that are sculpted and shaped with wire to hold the branches in position. Although a new grower may be tempted to use normal wire cutters they should be made aware of the fact that the Bonsai specialty wire cutter tool has been designed with a round head to avert injury to the plant.

If you are serious about committing to Bonsai as your hobby it will be essential to develop basic sharpening skills. A dull or wrongly sharpened cutter blade will crush branches instead of producing the clean cut that is necessary to prevent damage to plant tissue. Because Japanese Bonsai Tools are of such high quality, they will require much less sharpening hence less risk of damage to your work of art. Sharp tools will also keep diseases, fungi and weed seeds from unknowingly spreading.

Many tasks can be performed with products commonly available. Everyday tools not bonsai specific will do the job but the risks of resulting damage should be a big enough deterrent as this can cause much bigger and more expensive problems and could even mean the death of your plant. Japanese Bonsai Tools were designed in Japan where bonsai was developed for many years. These, high quality specialty tools are then exported to other countries to ensure that Bonsai growers all over the world can produce beautiful, high quality bonsai.

Bonsai Tools for Sale

Originating in the Far East over 1000 years ago the term Bonsai actually refers to the container the tree lives in. The word ‘Bon’ means dish and ‘Sai’ translates as tree. To care for your own Bonsai tree only requires a few instruments and all Bonsai tools for sale can be easily located online or at a specialist Bonsai nursery.

Finding proper Bonsai tools for sale is vital for every grower interested in caring for their trees properly, although there are cheaper alternatives available for people just beginning the hobby. For people who’re just beginning to work with Bonsai a few simple tools are a must have. These tools will allow you to maintain your Bonsai tree and give it a healthy start to life. 

For more serious growers there are a variety of Bonsai tools for sale that will become necessary as your garden grows. These tools come in a range of prices and styles, remember price is not everything look for quality when you are shopping. High quality tools should last you for years to come; cheaper tools often rust quickly and will not last more than a season or two. Look for the three main Bonsai tools for sale to start you on your way; these are trimmers, tweezers and wire cutters.

Of the three tools trimming shears are one of the more important and useful Bonsai tools for sale. They are used to cut the twigs, leaves and branches off the tree. Available in two sizes the fine shears are used on smaller branches and the larger shears work on cutting thicker branches and roots. Knob cutters are also used when the branch is cut in order to remove the stump left by hollowing out the end of the branch promoting the tree to help a callus form over the wound. 

Tweezers, specifically the needle variety, remove weeds, pine needles (depending on the species) and leaves from the bonsai. When looking at Bonsai tools for sale choose a pair of tweezers with a grip point at the tip, this will aid in holding onto the finer leaves and particles you wish to remove. 

The final vital item of the Bonsai tools for sale is the wire cutters. Wire cutters are used to size the wire pieces that are used to shape and support the branches of the tree during the training process. The wire cutters are also needed to remove the old wire as the plant grows and matures.

More specialist Bonsai tools for sale include folding saws to cut through extra thick branches, jinning knives, soil sifting screes and jinning pliers. Always sterilizes the tool before gardening and after use keep them clean and dry. Some use WD-40® to prevent your tools from rusting when not in use. Use water and soap to clean your tools. Sharpening should occur once a week during the growing seasons, sharp tools cause less damage to the plant as they stop tearing occurring. Store your Bonsai tools in a leather or cloth bag when not in use for protection.

More on Find a Bonsai Tool Set Online

If you are in search of a set of Bonsai tool that would guarantee you the best worth of your money, then a search online would be highly recommended of you.

With the local shoppers relying on supplies from the neighborhood garden for their bulk purchase, it would be much easier to go online and search for the set of tools that would best fit your job. With majority of business going online, I don’t think it would be a difficult thing to search for complete tool set online. It is far better when you check the online stores for tools because if they don’t have stock, you would still at the same seat go to other websites to check. But if you go to your nearby gardening store and he doesn’t have the Bonsai tool set you need, you would have to face the stress of walking and looking else where, where as the stress is eliminated when you do it online.

The online stores also helps you discover details of that gardening tool you never knew before thereby updating you with the latest technology in town. You also get to read reviews of other people who also ordered their package online. If the site is credible enough, they should also provide a forum as a means of interaction between those that bought the product. These features I just mentioned are enough reasons for you to forget about your local gardening store and go online for quality tools.

The online stores are not like the offline ones that have closing times. The online stores makes your Bonsai tool set always readily available the whole 7 days of the week and this is not difficult to achieve as the system is already programmed and all you would need to do is place order on the kind of Bonsai tool set you need and the administrators of the site would come from time to time to check and release the orders.

I have mentioned some advantages of shopping online and there are still more that I may not be able to say here but I must say that even the rare tools that would not be found in your town or would already be sold out can be seen in the online store.

Ebay is one store that can never be written off when it comes to purchasing of products online as they offer quality products for sale on their site and the good thing is that depending on your location, you could get the items shipped to you for free.

I believe you are not scared of loosing your money online, but if you are, be rest assured as credible sites like ebay and more would never be involved with such discrepancy.

Another good thing is that you get to save a few bucks on each order you make online and the Bonsai tool set should fall in the price range of $20 to $200 depending on the kind of set you are ordering.

With the scope of this article, Bonsai tool set should not be a problem for you to get at all.

More on Bonsai Tools

Bonsai can simply be said to be the practice of growing and nurturing a plant until it has the looks of a very attractive ancient tree. It varies a lot in terms of shape and styles which is largely attributed to its kind of specie. Bonsai tools are used to ensure that you get different shapes and designs out of the trees. 

Bonsai tools are commercialized and should be used wisely. Bonsai is not very difficult to practice because no matter how new you are to Bonsai, you would only need the basics of Bonsai to be a successful practitioner. If you have mastered the basics, you don’t need to stop there because as you gain experience, you would need to include more tools to you collection.

Bonsai tools basically consist of shears, root cutters, concave branch cutters, pliers and more but these are the few I would list for now. These tools are very important in the practice of Bonsai and as such must be maintained thoroughly well. Although the tools are of different quality but even if you get a tool that is cheaper it would still be wise of you to maintain it well as it would easily get rusty when exposed to air and moisture. 

Japanese tools are always costly since they are built with extreme quality. Apart from that, they come in different grades while the Chinese tools are relatively cheap and affordable even though they are not built with so much quality. The Japanese bonsai tools on the other hands come in different grades which are the novice, the intermediate and the professional. The stainless steel tools are called the summum which are often part of the professional grade and above all, rustproof.

The Chinese bonsai tools are adequate enough for those that grow bonsai for home use since the tools cost a lot less to acquire compared to the Japanese tools. The fact that Japanese tools are always expensive doesn’t mean that they did not consider the novice; you may decide to go for the Japanese novice tools. More examples of bonsai tools are the handy scissors which are used in the garden or around your house for light task like trimming your flowers, the bonsai leaf trimmers which usually vary in sizes starting from 5 through 11 inches and the 8-inched tool which happens to be the most common of all.

For professional trimming and getting into tight corners without causing any damage to the tender shoots, the professional graded Bonsai shears would be the right tool to make use of. Another tool which can never be overlooked is the large concave cutter; it is used to cut off branches. The concave cutter has a useful property of living a scar tissue which can hardly be detected when it is healed. Wire cutters are used to cut wires neatly when running wires and would also serve as important bonsai tools in taking off the wires while avoiding damage to the bark.

Even though I have talked about maintenance before, proper lubrication of your metal bonsai tools would help rescue your tools from rust since you would be dealing with moisture.

Bonsai gardening is not possible without a complete set of bonsai tree tools. These tools can be purchased online or in a local bonsai store. In bonsai you cannot use any tool as this gardening requires lots of care and caution that only special tools can give you.