Bonsai Tree Species – Choosing Amongst Them

When we talk about of bonsai a number of bonsai tree species come up in the mind. These species can be both outdoor and indoor. Essentially being trees majority of bonsai thrive in outdoors but there are some good options for indoor species too. Let’s have a look at the options for you to choose from.

Some different kinds of bonsai tree species

If you are looking at some outdoor bonsai tree species then the most popular choices are conifers, junipers, pines, willow, maple, juneberry, horse chestnut, birch, hawthorn and many more such species. When looking at an outdoor bonsai the tree can be either evergreen or deciduous. The evergreen trees have lovely green foliage all year long but have their brief period of dormancy during the winters. During dormancy their primary requirement is cold temperatures hence keeping them outdoors is the best solution. 

Bonsai Tree Species - Choosing Amongst Them
Bonsai Tree Species – Choosing Amongst Them

The deciduous bonsai tree species have seasons of bloom and fall. They tend to blossom during the spring and show a radiant change of color in the leaves. Later in autumn they shed their leaves and during winters go thorough a stage of dormancy. Norfolk pine is a bonsai that can be kept indoors too during dormancy for some time but later on it too needs to be placed outdoors. Cedar, boxwood, cypress and Japanese white pine are some excellent outdoor bonsai trees.

Japanese maple is a lovely choice for an outdoor bonsai tree species. The beauty of this bonsai lies in its vivacious shades of red proudly showcased by its foliage. During fall you get to see a lovely shade of red and orange in the foliage and during summer the shade turns to a darker color of red. The bonsai is a true visual delight and hence tops the list of bonsai lovers. Just team it up with a lovely pot and watch it light up the ambience wherever you keep it.

If you are interested in some indoor bonsai tree species then you can pick from any topical or sub-topical species. The Hawaiian umbrella tree is greatly popular amongst bonsai enthusiasts as it is a low maintenance bonsai and grows well even in areas that do not have much sunlight. Baby Jade is another hot favorite indoor bonsai. All you need to do for this beautiful bonsai is to trim it at regular intervals and place it near a window where it gets adequate sunlight. 

Money tree, sago palm, brush cherry, ficus, bougainvillea, weaping fig and gardenia are some popular indoor bonsai tree species. But be prepared to give your indoor bonsai lots of time, love, care and attention as they require it to grow well. It would be best if they are placed near a window but if natural light is an issue then you can also make do with fluorescent lights or even aquarium lights. The bonsai need to be trimmed and pruned regularly and also need to be given the fertilizer at regular intervals.

Bonsai tree species are many to make a final choice from. What is important is what you are looking for and how much care you can take of the bonsai. Depending on these factors take a low maintenance bonsai if you don’t have the time to tend to it regularly.