Bonsai Tree Pruning – Unleash Your Imagination

How To Do Bonsai Tree Pruning the Right Way

The art of Bonsai is an extremely rewarding hobby for beginners and experts alike. The aim is to recreate nature in miniature form by growing and training a small tree over several years. Bonsai tree pruning is an essential aspect of this hobby. Foliage pruning is vital to maintain shape and overall structure and is without a doubt the most enjoyable and satisfying aspects of the hobby. Root pruning is also necessary to ensure balanced and even growth.

From late spring and throughout summer bonsai trees can quickly become overgrown and lose their shape The speed at which a particular tree will grow depends on factors such as the species, (some species have significant amounts of new growth once the weather warms up) and the feeding and watering regime given to the tree. Bonsai tree pruning may be required as often as a few days a week at the peak of their growing season.

Bonsai tree pruning is a simple process however an inexperienced person may find that the idea of cutting off branches and roots is much too difficult and the fear of making a mistake can deter them from even trying. Although I have given a basic outline below, there are numerous internet sites offering detailed instructions and your local plant nursery owner will be happy to help. 

Firstly, cut off any unnecessary or unsightly branches and shorten the ones that are too tall. Some trees will ooze sap after pruning which seals the wound and aids in faster healing. An alternative to bonsai tree pruning is to wire individual branches into interesting shapes. Wire can be left on for up to a year providing the wire does not cut into the bark. This is how some bonsai are able to take on such unusual shapes and gives them their individual character. The removal of leaves from the base of the trunk keeps it exposed, enhancing the illusion of a miniature tree.

Well developed, fibrous roots are vital for balanced and even growth of your tree. These roots are produced by root pruning making this another essential aspect of your bonsai tree pruning regime. Done properly this allows for easier absorption of nutrients. Prepare the roots for pruning using a specially designed bonsai fork available from specialty sellers and never removed more than half the root length.

Bonsai Tree Pruning - Unleash Your Imagination
Bonsai Tree Pruning – Unleash Your Imagination

The desired shape of your bonsai will be decided fairly early on due to the position of the main trunk and other obvious characteristics your tree will have. The amount of pruning you will do depends heavily on how you envision your tree. This vision is your guide when doing your Bonsai tree pruning but keep in mind that the changes you make are permanent. If you make a mistake it may take years for that branch to grow back. 

Growing and maintaining these beautiful trees is a rewarding, long term hobby and the perfect way to let your creativity shine. With no set rules governing the shape of each tree the possibilities are endless. Bonsai tree pruning is all part of this rewarding hobby and should be regarded as an exciting method of self expression.