Bonsai Tree Picture – Getting the right picture of your Bonsai Plant

Bonsai plant pictures – an introduction

Planting bonsai is definitely an art that you need to master for getting spectacular results. Just like growing bonsai is an art taking bonsai plant pictures too is quite an interesting and intriguing job. For doing complete justice and getting stunning results there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind. 

The term bonsai essentially means “planted in a tray”. The whole concept of growing bonsai is to stunt the growth of the plant you wish to grow in such a way that you are able to grow the full mature tree within the confines of the tray it is potted in. The structure of bonsai is what makes it look so unique and beautiful that it would be unfair to not capture the stunning beauty by taking some lovely bonsai plant pictures for your collection. 

If you have a fair idea of photography then you would understand that to take bonsai plant pictures you would need adequate light to be able to highlight the magnificent piece of art. If there are any reflective surfaces nearby that may inadvertently throw light on the bonsai then it would be better to have them covered. Unintended reflections can tarnish your final image and the beauty of the bonsai would remain untapped. 

While taking bonsai plant pictures you also need to consider whether you are taking the picture indoors or outdoors as the natural lighting would call for a change in the settings too. If taking the photographs indoors it would be a good idea to make use of some props. But choose your props with care as they should not take away the attention from the bonsai that you are capturing. The props are to add to the ambience and effect only but the point of focus needs to be the bonsai alone. 

While taking bonsai plant pictures it is advisable to have either black or white as the background as these colors help augment the overall look of the plant. When you place the tray along with your bonsai take care to note if there are any unnecessary shadows falling in the range. If yes, then rearrange till there are no shadows in the near vicinity. Set a focal point in the bonsai that you would like to focus on and aim your lens accordingly.

Bonsai Tree Picture – Getting the right picture of your Bonsai Plant
Bonsai Tree Picture – Getting the right picture of your Bonsai Plant

While taking bonsai plant pictures the lighting has to be crisp and clear. Take close-up shots as well as a slight far-away shot. Walk closer for a tight shot to capture the finer aspects of the bonsai and move a little farther in the next shot to take into account the background along with the bonsai.

For a bonsai enthusiast it is a must to have a precious collection of his bonsai plant pictures that he has reared and grown with love, care and expertise over the years. This collection would be a beautiful reminder of your fruits of efforts and shall be there for year to come. You may also download some wonderful pictures from the internet to get some idea on how the photos should be taken and what props would look good with your bonsai.

Getting the right bonsai tree pictures

The first appearance of Bonsai trees in art can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation. At this point in history Bonsai plants themselves had not become the art form they are today, but their extremely important place in Ancient Egyptian culture meant their image was included in the pictures of the day. These Bonsai tree pictures show that miniature trees were kept for both medicinal and food purposes. Needing little space, they were able to provide the Ancient Egyptians with what they needed while being practical for the inside of a building.

The word ‘Bonsai’ is a Chinese word that refers to the small pot the plant is kept in. Around one thousand years ago the emperor of the Song Dynasty began to encourage the populace to create a green kingdom. With little land space available for beautification, all land being needed for the cultivation of food, Bonsai plants gave Chinese citizens a way of creating a green environment to reside in. Soon this cultivation style began to evolve into an art form. A standard in design was created and spread across Asia. Both Japanese and Chinese art is filled with Bonsai tree pictures. The oldest recorded Bonsai tree still living is over seven hundred years. This tree is located in Tokyo and is the centre piece of many Bonsai tree pictures available on the internet.

Japan is today’s leader in the art of Bonsai sculpture, care and exactness is taken in every step of the maintenance. Treated as a ritual, true Bonsai enthusiasts follow a methodical pattern when caring for their plants that offers the grower a calming effect. Re-potting, shaping and watering are all part of the art which is experienced by millions of individuals across the world. In fact science has proved that the maintenance of a Bonsai tree can actually reduce stress levels. The beauty of this art form has led to many growers creating Bonsai tree pictures to share their trees with other people. 

The miniature trees seen in Bonsai tree pictures throughout history where achieved by the careful manipulation of the plant through natural means. Modern technology has meant genetic engineering can force plants to grow to a miniature size without carful maintenance, but these trees are not real Bonsai. Bonsai is an art form, although scientifically altered plants may create the style quickly, these trees do not give the grower the same sense of fulfilment traditional Bonsai does. History has shown us through Bonsai tree pictures just how exquisite and influential these small oriental beauties have been. We need to carry on the traditions and provide the world with new Bonsai tree pictures that share the creativity and imagination of a new generation of enthusiasts across the world. 

Look online at the Bonsai tree pictures available to gain inspiration for your own Bonsai trees. Free images are available online, but if you are looking for a piece of unique Bonsai art, dealers are beginning to trade in beautiful Bonsai tree pictures that will complement your own Bonsai garden.