Bonsai Tree Maintenance – Tips & Guidelines

How To Do Bonsai Tree Maintenance

There are so many people out there who opt out of trying bonsai growing because they believe it is too challenging. While this might hold some truth, bonsai growing is to say the least very doable. It requires some dedication and effort true, but the beauty of it all is well worth the time and effort. This article will discuss bonsai tree maintenance so you may understand what is involved. You might surprise yourself after you learn that you were locking yourself out of a fabulous hobby.

Bonsai is fun and beautiful and it is very unfortunate many people find it difficult. To break it down for easier comprehension, bonsai tree maintenance is more or less the same as caring for other plants. As a matter of fact, you need very basic gardening skills. Once your tree is trained into the desired form, bonsai tree maintenance is piece of cake. To properly care for your bonsai, you need to arm yourself with basic information about the type of tree that is your bonsai.

Bonsai Tree Maintenance – Tips & Guidelines
Bonsai Tree Maintenance – Tips & Guidelines

With this tree-specific information that includes info on soil, food, water, trimming, pruning and insect control, you will be amazed at how enjoyable bonsai tree maintenance is. This happens to be the challenging part. First do your research as the findings will greatly help your bonsai tree maintenance efforts. It is important to note that bonsai tree maintenance vary from species to species. But, here are the basics. Most bonsai will perform well with the morning sun. Hotter afternoon light is also beneficial but you will need to filter this to avoid scorching.

Watering is an important part of bonsai tree maintenance. The typical bonsai tree will demand more water during the warmer temperatures of summer and lesser water during the cold winters. Make sure you don’t keep your bonsai dry for long or the soil water-logged. Both extremes will kill your plant. Additionally, you should water your bonsai gently to avoid erosion. It is recommended that you water the bonsai from the top or by pulling it out of the pot and dipping it into a sink.

Fertilization is also an important aspect of bonsai tree maintenance. Fertilizers should be carefully administered to avoid possible damage in the form of burning or too much PH. Liquid forms of fertilizers are the best to use. Application should be done once every fortnight during the spring and early summer. Don’t fertilizer deciduous trees in the spring until leaves have opened up. After this first instance of fertilization, deciduous species should be fertilized again in the fall keeping it at two weeks apart.

Pruning is also a major part of bonsai tree maintenance. It will help you style and shape your bonsai. Pruning involves cutting away branches at specific points certain times of the year. The number one goal of pruning is to encourage horizontal growth of branches. Regular and accurate pruning will result into a nice shape and the desired style. This will also help in reducing the size of leaves. 

In conclusion, bonsai tree maintenance will be unfruitful if not done right. One time maintenance efforts will bear same results. Continued bonsai tree maintenance on the other hand will result into beautiful miniature trees that you will enjoy for some time to come. It is worth it.