Bonsai Tree Kits – An Easy Way to Start

Bonsai Tree Kits

Although the art of Bonsai has been around for over a thousand years, the recent popularity of the art form has meant many new people are beginning to try their hand at growing Bonsai. To aid in their success Bonsai tree kits have been developed to assist new Bonsai growers in their quest to grow the perfect Bonsai tree.

Bonsai tree kits differ depending on the person supplying them. Different options include kits that only include the tools needed such as shears, scissors, wire cutters, branch cutters, coir brush and root hook. These Bonsai tree kits provide the tools necessary for maintaining the Bonsai after it has grown. 

Other Bonsai tree kits are more of a ‘starter pack’ for new growers. These packs included information books, scissors and special fertilizers. Often they come with a semi-mature tree, a container with drainage holes and suitable mesh covers as well as soil. 

Bonsai Tree Kits – An Easy Way to Start
Bonsai Tree Kits – An Easy Way to Start

Bonsai tree kits do have advantages to people just beginning their foray into the art form but consideration is needed before rushing out and buying a kit. Often kits are more expensive than buying pieces individually, however they are convenient and if you are not sure what you need they are very helpful. Make sure you have researched Bonsai care first, some Bonsai tree kits have tools which would normally only be used by advanced growers and therefore unnecessary during the early stage of Bonsai growing.

During your time researching Bonsai tree kits you find that learning more about Bonsai care will be rewarding for you. Not only will you learn what tools you need but how and when to use them. Many mistakes are made by people rushing into growing Bonsai; these mistakes unfortunately often lead to the early death of your plant. The oldest Bonsai tree is now over seven hundred years, with the right care your Bonsai tree could out live you.

You can create your own Bonsai tree kits for yourself or friends easily. Include a pot that you have either designed yourself from a household object and drilled holes in or bought one from a store. Make sure there is proper drainage in the pot. Find the right soil for the Bonsai tree you have chosen, each species has slightly different needs and you may need help from a nursery choosing the right one. Throw in a few decorations; rocks and moss are often used to make the pot look attractive.

Your Bonsai tree kits will also need training wire to encourage the plant to grow in the shape you desire. Aluminum or copper wire works best for this, be generous as mistakes happen often and it is easier to cut off and restart than to try unwind completely. Fertilizer is also useful; Bonsai should be fertilized once a month during the growing seasons. Watering cans are useful as hydration is an important factor in good growth. These Bonsai tree kits will provide your friends with everything they need to begin growing their own Bonsai tree today.