Bonsai Tree Delivery – Your Bonsai Tree Delivered

Bonsai Tree Delivered – Quick and Easy

With the increasing popularity of Bonsai trees around the world new and exciting opportunities have been created for individuals interested in finding the perfect Bonsai tree for them. It is no longer necessary to live near a specialist nursery; anyone is able to benefit from online sales and being able to have their Bonsai tree delivered right to their doorstep.

You may buy it online and have you bonsai tree delivered

The online sale of Bonsai trees has become the new way for enthusiasts to track down that ever elusive rare tree. In the past Bonsai growers were wary of buying online, Bonsai trees are easily stressed and do not survive long journeys well and having your Bonsai tree delivered often ended up in disaster. Luckily this old concern is no longer a problem.

Specialist online Bonsai stores now focus on delivering their stock in new healthy ways. Research has shown that a Bonsai tree delivered overnight will suffer far less stress then a Bonsai tree delivered during the day. Trees are sensitive to day night rhythms and release chemicals accordingly. Overnight trees enter a ‘sleep’ mode and are therefore more able to cope with the change in environment and trauma that a delivery causes. Therefore choose a store which provides overnight delivery for all their Bonsai trees.

Having your Bonsai tree delivered to your door overnight means you are able to give your new tree the care it deserves immediately. A Bonsai tree delivered in this manner will need rehydrating immediately. Water your new Bonsai until the water runs clear from the base of the container. Watching the amount of water that is flowing from the bottom will give you a chance to see if the container has adequate drainage. Drainage is vital to prevent your tree suffering from root rot which is caused by water logged soil. It may be necessary to change the container or to add a few new drainage holes.

Do not make the mistake of fertilizing any new Bonsai tree you have delivered. Your tree will need a few weeks of rest in a semi-shaded location to allow it to recover from its ordeal. After a few weeks then it is time to begin the fertilizing process. Choose a fertilizer appropriate to the species and feed your plant once a month during the growing season. Dilute your fertilizer to half strength as Bonsai trees are known to suffer chemical burns from full strength fertilizer.

The ease of having your Bonsai tree delivered will give you time to decide exactly where you wish to place your new plant. Bonsai trees require morning sun for at least 4 hours every day. Afternoon sun is a benefit for Bonsai trees. A window sill is an ideal location. The small size of Bonsai trees allows them to fit into the décor of any room in the house. So why not get online and see what is available. With a huge variety of styles and species available you will be able have a Bonsai tree delivered to you that will become the center piece of your house.

Bonsai Tree Delivery - Your Bonsai Tree Delivered
Bonsai Tree Delivery – Your Bonsai Tree Delivered

Bonsai Tree Delivery – Easiest Means Of Procurement Available Now

You have bought your first bonsai. Now how do you organize Bonsai tree delivery home? With all of our modern technology you can be sure the delivery of these trees is almost as easy as clicking a button. With more people utilizing the internet to buy articles available, it goes without saying that delivery must be part of the package.

If you have bought your bonsai from a specialist supplier, they will have a shipping policy. There will be different modes of transporting your bonsai. Keep in mind that there will be various costs and they may not be the cheapest. Look for the Bonsai tree delivery that suits you and your pocket. Don’t be shy to ask questions about the different modes available. Some modes are able to deliver to your door. This makes it easier than walking in awful weather conditions.

You will have to be careful and utilize a trusted online Bonsai tree delivery service. If you don’t your bonsai might not survive the trip. They need to be packed in special packing materials and delivered at the right time of the year. They do not like extreme changes in temperature. Without proper care your tree could arrive damaged or in a bad condition.

A reputable online store for bonsai will have a complete kit including all your accessories to start up with and directions to use it. These kits are ideal for the beginner. Your Bonsai tree delivery service will deliver these kits to you and you can set up your new bonsai in no time at all. What is also convenient about the kits are that they have all you need in one handy little kit. You don’t have the situation of you running out to buy something you forgot about halfway through setting up your bonsai.

With mail order and online bonsai trees you can identify them as temperate and subtropical. As you may have guessed your subtropical trees should not be in temperatures below freezing. They should also not be in temperatures above forty too. Then you get the bonsai that need the colder temperatures. They can handle the warmer weather but prefer cold. With a specialist supplier you have someone that has all of this knowledge and utilizes it with their Bonsai tree delivery service.

When you buy your bonsai on line be sure you choose the right one for your location. If you have chosen a reputable bonsai seller, he or she should make it clear that most bonsai won’t be able to tolerate long trips. Your ground shipping method takes up to as much as five working days. This is most unhealthy for your bonsai to be so long in transit without sunlight, water and your care. The reputable Bonsai tree delivery service will offer you an overnight option.

Be sure you know and have positively identified the bonsai tree you are purchasing. You may have seen a beautiful, healthy tree online and the one that’s delivered is neither. Ask as many questions as you like when you are not sure. It is your right to know what you have paid for.