Bonsai Today – Bringing the Orient Inside

Bonsai Today

Originating in China over one thousand years ago, the Bonsai tree quickly become an art form admired the world over. Bonsai today can be found in the homes and offices of people who are looking for a beautiful way to bring nature indoors. With a huge variety of different species available for Bonsai today, there is a look out there for everyone.

Perfect for bringing a touch of elegance into your room Bonsai today, such as the cascade design, create a brilliant oriental look without costing you the earth. There is scientific evidence that shows owning and caring for a Bonsai tree actively reduces an individual’s stress level making them the perfect accompaniment to any busy office environment.

With new Bonsai specialist stores opening online all the time buying Bonsai today is a simple process. Simply decide on the style you like then browse the different species available until you find the plant that suits your needs. Ranging from Japanese Juniper trees to Orange and Mandarin trees there is a tree species that suits you. Evergreen and Deciduous plants each have their own benefits and require different levels of maintenance. 

Looking after a Bonsai today could not be any easier. Whether you choose to grow from a seed or buy an established mature plant advice is readily available from specialist online or at Bonsai nurseries. Choose a container that compliments your plant; remember the tree itself should be the focus not the pot. Cover the base with a fine layer of mesh to ensure the soil does not fall through the drainage holes. Talk to your nursery about a good quality soil, each different species has different needs.

Bonsai Today – Bringing the Orient Inside
Bonsai Today – Bringing the Orient Inside

Potting your own Bonsai tree is not hard. Fill the base with a layer of soil, spread the Bonsai roots across the base and tightly fill in the rest of the container with the remaining soil. Your Bonsai will need a good watering to begin with. Water your plant until the water drains clear from the base. It is important that your pot has great drainage as waterlogged soil quickly leads to root rot. Check your plant regularly for soil moisture levels. Bonsai today can have the benefit of a humidity tray which will help maintain the moisture level easily. 

Bonsai today also benefit from the improvements in fertilizers, make sure you feed your Bonsai tree once a month during the growing season to ensure they are healthy. Once again talk to your nursery about the fertilizer that is best for you. Use a sterilized pair of shears to remove excess growth as it occurs, this will help compact the plant and focus the growing into the established branches. During winter your plant will enter a hibernation mode, it is important to give your plant a rest during this period. Watering is still important but you should refrain from pruning or fertilizing for three months. 
With a little care and effort you can introduce a Bonsai today into your home and enjoy the benefits for years to come.