Bonsai Technique – Growing Your Own

What should be necessary as the tricks to grow a bonsai or the techniques good enough to support the better growth of bonsai? Do you have any idea? Learning the best bonsai technique out there must be it.

Even though a number of bonsai practices are followed by many people, only a few are revered as the best bonsai technique. To know what they are, you need to look below. It helps.

A Look at Bonsai Technique

Growing bonsai from seeds may very well be regarded as a snail like process however this one tops the chart for being one of the most traditional methods one could see in the field of horticulture. A particular species called mame bonsai is traditionally developed from the seeds. Growers who take up this practice may be well aware of the slowness of this bonsai technique however it is the control they get hold of that matters at the end of the day. One cannot be sure as to how long will it take for the seeds to germinate since there are a lot of other aspects to consider such as the variety of the plant, its nature, current state of the seeds etc.

However, a bonsai technique called cold stratification comes to help the cause of people who wish to see a speedy germination of the seeds. When such a technique is used, the process of germination which usually takes 1-2 years gets shortened to an acceptable duration, something which would lit up the faces of all those time-minded growers. The case of experienced growers is entirely different. They have many advanced bonsai techniques to choose from. Under a bonsai technique called grafting there are many options however the ones which take top honours are cleft and whip grafting, which would be practiced by growers especially in the winter or onset of spring. 

On the other hand, if it is cutting that you reckon to give you a properly grown bonsai, I suggest you start doing it during the fag end of spring or the very beginning of summer. As you might have learnt, cutting is way faster than the process about which we talked earlier- the germination. 

Bonsai Technique - Growing Your Own
Bonsai Technique – Growing Your Own

Wiring is another bonsai technique I could think about, which may assist a grower in changing the position of either the trunk or the branches. Copper and aluminium are straight favourites for making bonsai wires, however, generally copper is preferred to aluminium. Beginners are advised to use aluminium wire as it is a sort of material they can easily work with. There are a lot of tips to follow especially if wiring is to be done, hence a proper insight into this technique is very necessary if wiring is what your bonsai tree needs. 

More importantly, the function of wiring needs to be monitored then and there whenever there is a change in the wiring already done. For the attention of all those who wish to focus on wiring, I have a tip here, which is to loosen the tightness of the wire which ties one or a few of branches against the surface. If the tension is large, this effect may inflict damage to the roots.