Bonsai Supplies – Caring for your tree

An intro to bonsai supplies

The art of Bonsai growing has become very popular in the last few decades, originating in China over one thousand years ago, Bonsai cultivation is now a Bonsai care is a very rewarding experience for anyone willing to spend the time giving their Bonsai trees the attention they need. Anyone contemplating making a foray into this hobby needs to ensure they have the appropriate Bonsai supplies on hand before they begin.

When you begin to grow and maintain Bonsai trees there are a few tools and materials you will need. Bonsai supplies are easy to find in local nurseries and online. Bonsai trees require special care and attention; a healthy environment includes sunshine and humidity. The petite size of Bonsai trees means they require very little room in which to live. Window sills and side tables make good homes for Bonsai trees, however many species can be grown successfully outside. With good maintenance Bonsai trees can live long lives; the oldest recorded Bonsai is over seven hundred years of age and lives in Tokyo. Using specialist tools will aid you in ensuring your Bonsai tree has the best chance at a long life, look on the internet to see what Bonsai supplies are available in your area.

Bonsai growers have a few options when starting their own Bonsai collection, for people with limited experience mature, pre-prepared trees are available. Other Bonsai supplies included seeds to grow your own, copper wiring for training your Bonsai into the shape you desire as well as a wide variety of containers. Nurseries that stock Bonsai supplies will also have specialist soils and fertilizers aimed at helping the heath of your plant.

The right container is important for your Bonsai tree; check your Bonsai supplies to make sure your container will do the job properly. Watering is vital for your Bonsai tree but containers without proper drainage will quickly result in water logging that causes root-rot. Using tap water can also causes problems, a good idea is to add distilled water o your Bonsai supplies to make sure no unwanted chemicals are added to your tree. Fertilizer is necessary to help the health of your tree, talk to your local Bonsai supplies store for the best fertilizers for your species.

Bonsai supplies also include the tools needed for pruning. Scissors or small shears will help you maintain the size and shape of your Bonsai tree. Buy several pairs in different sizes to deal with different types of growth. Make sure your tools are sterilized before using on your tree to help prevent infection. Specialist tools are available and are designed to be gentle to the plant. Shaping will not occur naturally, to achieve the desired shape use aluminum or copper wire to wrap around the branches and hold into place while the tree is growing. Be careful not to wrap the wire too tight as it will scar the tree. Remember to look online and you will easily finding all the Bonsai supplies you will need to grow the perfect tree.

Bonsai Supplies – Caring for your tree
Bonsai Supplies – Caring for your tree

Some bonsai tree supplies

Since the bonsai has taken us by storm there has been a need for bonsai tree supplies. There are many different tools and supplies available to make looking after your bonsai a pleasant and easy task. Your most basic supplies would be a display table. Next is the ceramic pot for your bonsai, a pair of bonsai shears, vitamins and a bonsai apron. The following are a few essentials you may need:

Watering tools – these are part of your essential bonsai tree supplies. Your bonsai thrives on water. You would need to choose the right watering can to get optimal results from your bonsais; we even have a bonsai mister for that little bit extra they may need in the warmer weather.

Soil and potting mix – this is vital for your bonsai. Please don’t use normal potting soil for your bonsai. This soil is too dense for your little tree and will smother it. A special bonsai soil mix provided by your bonsai tree supplier gives your bonsai the consistency and nutrition it would need to get ahead. It will help your bonsai thrive and care for it perfectly.

Bonsai books – there are books about every aspect of bonsai. From the beginner to the more advanced. These books are designed to be of help to anyone, no matter what level of expertise you are at.

Mudmen and Bonsai Figurines – these were introduced to make your bonsai adventure more interesting and fun. There are a wide variety of Chinese Mudmen figurines to choose from, just look through your bonsai tree supplies catalogue, for example online. These figurines are very life-like and are reasonability priced.

Bonsai wire – this wire is specifically designed to shape your bonsai branches and trunk. It is of an outstanding quality and most affordable. It is often reusable and easy to apply.

Fertilizers and pesticides – there are a range of organic bonsai fertilizers which include liquid fertilizers, pellets and Dyna-Gro fertilizers. This is just a few of a wide range available to be part of your bonsai supplies.

Grow light kit – grow any bonsai inside your home or office with the grow light kit. It just clamps onto any area, allowing you and your bonsai optimum light. You can clamp it anywhere where extra light is needed.

Starter kit – includes glazed ceramic pot, copper training wire, bonsai soil, fiberglass drainage hole covers, textured rocks, instructions how to pot, train and maintain your bonsai.

Mini pump – this is used to create your own table-top fountain or waterfall for your bonsai.

Through your bonsai tree supplies you must acquire the concave branch cutter. It is razor sharp and is designed for cutting branches close to the trunk. This enables the wound to heal quicker with little to no scaring.

You should be able to find a full selection of bonsai training equipment where you get your bonsai tree supplies. There are many different bonsai accessories which include bonsai branch benders, cleaning block kit, drainage netting and pot mesh. Then you can get fertilizer cups, Japanese water stones, plastic signs or wooden labels. These are the perfect gift for the seasoned bonsai grower. Look out for high quality bonsai tree supplies.