Bonsai Planters – Holding Beauty

Creating a Bonsai garden can be a rewarding experience for you and your entire family. Bonsai is a form of living art that has developed over the last 1000 years. Very popular with beginners and enthusiasts alike, Bonsai care is a relaxing and fulfilling experience. Choosing the right Bonsai planters for your Bonsai garden will allow you to create an area of harmony and beauty that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Although often thought of as being an indoor plant, Bonsai gardens are equally at home outside. 

To begin with take some time to select a few varieties of bonsai trees and a few Bonsai Planters. Often people make the mistake of grouping their Bonsai planters in one location, to maximize appeal however peppering your garden with Bonsais will highlight the beauty of each one. They will not need to compete with each other for attention; instead they will individually brighten up the area of the garden you place them in. Sit back and assess the perfect place to put each of your stunning Bonsai Planters.

Bonsai Planters – Holding Beauty
Bonsai Planters – Holding Beauty

Choosing bonsai planters

When choosing the right Bonsai planters for your garden decide first the look you are aiming for. Some Bonsai planters stand out more than others do, for a bolder look choose Bonsai planters with bright colors and patterns. More traditional Bonsai planters are lightly colored with little or no decoration. If you want the Bonsai planters to be the center point then look for elaborate designs, if the Bonsai tree is more important then choose a sedate container that will not take over the appearance too much. The natural look is very attractive and can be achieved by choosing containers with a stone or wood finish.

Bonsai planters give your garden an oriental feel, to compliment this look keep your eyes open for other decorative items that will help enhance this look. Oriental gardens often have a water feature of some description, look for a fountain or pond that will work into your lifestyle. Running water is very relaxing and there are many different styles of water features available to purchase and are often simple to install and operate.

If you choose to install a pond into your garden for the ultimate water feature experience then be creative. Use rocks and different Bonsai planters to accent the oriental features of your garden. Introduce Koi into the pond when established for the final authentic touch. Always remember your aim is to create an environment in which you can relax. Take the time to decide where everything fits best. It is ok to move your Bonsai planters from time to time. 

Even if you have limited space you will be able to enjoy and delightful Bonsai Garden. Bonsai planters are available in a variety of sizes and when filled can be kept indoors and out. You can even create your own Bonsai planters from objects around the house. Be creative, as long as you have adequate drainage even an old boot can be turned into interesting Bonsai planters for your own Bonsai garden.