Bonsai Plant Growth Regulator – Vital Information You Should Know

Bonsai plant growth regulator plays a very vital role in shaping your bonsai the way you wish it to be. The basic function of these regulators basically target on the “height” of the plant which is the most essential feature for any bonsai gardener. Depending on how good results it delivers you can pick one for your bonsai too.

Plants naturally have some plant hormones that are chemicals secreted by the plant in small quantities to regulate the growth of the plant. These are known as phytohormones. Keeping this concept in mind the man made bonsai plant growth regulator came into existence. These are basically chemicals that restrict the growth of the plant. Plant growth regulators are used not just for bonsai but for various other purposes too. For example weed control, in-vitro grown plants, cultivated plants etc. Irrespective of the purpose the aim is to “control” the growth by using chemicals. 

Bonsai Plant Growth Regulator – Follow the Instructions

There are different kinds of renowned bonsai plant growth regulator. It is very much in demand thanks to its effectiveness in giving your bonsai the desired height. Apart from bonsai it is also popularly used in greenhouses for annually bred plants in trays and containers. Not all are toxic at all but the usage should be strictly as mentioned only. Over usage can cause leaf burn or over stunted growth too. 

Bonsai Plant Growth Regulator - Vital Information You Should Know
Bonsai Plant Growth Regulator – Vital Information You Should Know

Sometimes a single bonsai plant growth regulator foliar spray would suffice for controlling the height of the bonsai. Obviously the application may differ depending on the plant too in which case there may be some requirement of repeat applications. A slow growing plant would need lesser applications than a fast growing plant. Apart from foliar spar another popular method of using this is drench application. Depending on the growth rate of the bonsai you can opt for either method. 

When you apply bonsai plant growth regulator to your plant you should doubly check the measurements to avoid any errors is calibration. In spray application care should be taken to cover the bonsai properly for complete coverage. The product gets absorbed by the stems and then it targets the internode elongation and retards the growth. Hence any uneven coverage may result is uneven growth of stems that would mar the entire look of the bonsai. 

But at the same time over application of the bonsai plant growth regulator is also to be avoided. If too much absorption by the young plugs takes place it would lead to excessive stunted growth. It does not cause chlorisis and can be easily applied during any time without harming the bonsai. If you are spraying a large number of bonsai together you may opt for the spray method that would cover all the bonsai plants together. If you are looking at spraying only one plant then you may go for individual plant spray. 

The concentration of the bonsai plant growth regulator would depend on the stage of growth of the bonsai. Younger plants would require a lower concentration compared to older bonsai. If you opt for drench application you can be assured that the absorption would be done by the roots too and thus the growth retardation would be in the root system along with the stems of the bonsai.