Bonsai Photo – How To Get It RIGHT

An emerging trend in the world of Bonsai is the Bonsai photo. This type of artwork can produce the most breathtaking of images to capture the intrinsic beauty of your growing Bonsais. To ensure you are able to make the most of your Bonsai photo it is vital that your Bonsai plants receive the best possible care you can provide. Remember the work you do before even attempting to take any photograph will benefit the final piece of work immensely. 

Shaping your Bonsai tree carefully is one of the most important tasks you can undertake to ensure your plant is able to show its beauty properly. Any Bonsai photo you take will highlight the care and patience you put into the task of shaping over the duration of the Bonsai’s life. Begin early; trees allowed to grow too much will not tolerate shaping as well. Carefully wrap the copper wire around the trunk and branches until the base shape you desire is achieved. Be very aware that wire wrapped too tightly will cut into the growing trunk and leave scars which will mar the appearance and be visible in your Bonsai photo. Bonsai trees are sensitive, reaching maturity around five years. Training is generally complete by seven years of age, making patience a virtue when growing Bonsais. 

Another tip on getting your bonsai photo right

Another way of ensuring your Bonsai photo is the best is to look after the overall health of your Bonsai tree. Careful watering is important, too little can cause stress to your Bonsai causing the leaves to wilt and yellow. Too much water will cause root rot and can quickly lead to death. Instead small and frequent watering should be used, check the moisture level often with your finger. Humidity is the preference of most Bonsai trees; a humidity tray can be used for just this purpose. 

Bonsai Photo - How To Get It RIGHT
Bonsai Photo – How To Get It RIGHT

Grooming your Bonsai will also help maximize its potential for your Bonsai photo. Keep trimming down to a minimum before you decide to repot, this will help maintain plant health. During winter a thorough pruning will encourage new growth to occur and to enhance the beauty of the foliage. Pruning will be the final component to ensuring your Bonsai photo is a sight to behold. Make sure there are no brown or wilting leaves on your plant at any time throughout the year to preserve the beauty. 

To enhance your Bonsai photo start with a clear idea of what you desire you Bonsai to appear like. Carefully consider the shape and angle of your plants, decide on any props and where it should be located. The Bonsai photo will require you to trim the plant lightly several days before hand. Once again be careful not to remove too much, you want your Bonsai to be healthy for its photo shoot. Play around with lighting, you do not need fancy equipment, desk lamps can be positioned to reflect light onto different sections of your Bonsai. Once you are happy with the setup then get started. Your Bonsai photo will show exactly how beautiful your Bonsai is.