Bonsai Nurseries – Finding a Bonsai Nursery and Creating Your Own

How bonsai nurseries can help

Knowing exactly where to start and what to do to help your tree thrive puts many people off trying to grow Bonsai trees in their homes initially. To combat this problem Bonsai nurseries are beginning to crop up around the country offering specialist care and knowledge to beginners and enthusiasts alike. If you are interested in becoming involved in the miniature world of Bonsai then visiting Bonsai nurseries is your best place to start.

Bonsai nurseries stock huge varieties of Bonsai trees as well and all the accessories you could ever need to grow a successful Bonsai tree of your own. Specially trained staff members are available to answer any questions you may have and to offer handy advice for getting the most out of your Bonsai tree.

Bonsai Nurseries - Finding a Bonsai Nursery and Creating Your Own
Bonsai Nurseries – Finding a Bonsai Nursery and Creating Your Own

The trees available at Bonsai nurseries are of a high quality and come with the certainty that they have received quality care during their development. This is a vast difference to the budget ‘Mallsai’ trees available in supermarkets and garages.

Enthusiasts scornfully describe the ‘Mallsai’ as being the inferior, mass produced bonsai trees shipped to supermarkets with little care or attention ever given to them during production. Their budget price reflects their quality and should be avoided at all costs. While cheaper, their poor early growth will impact heavily on their life span and tolerance to disease. Bonsai nurseries offer plants free from disease and while often slightly more expensive then ‘Mallsais’ their plants are of higher quality. The range of accessories available will help you continue to provide your Bonsai with the high level of care it deserves.

The advice provided by Bonsai nurseries is invaluable to beginning Bonsai growers. Take advantage of their experience and if possible attend one of the Bonsai classes often provided by Bonsai nurseries to help novices understand all the tricks of the trade.

Although Bonsai nurseries are spread across the country if you do not have access to a local one do not despair. Most Bonsai nurseries offer an online shop and advice area where you can purchase accessories, trees and containers. Overnight shipping will help retain the health of your new Bonsai by reducing the stress it experiences due to environmental changes.

No matter what level of experience you have, visiting local Bonsai nurseries will give you plants and accessories to advance your growing skills. Whether you are interested in choosing a new plant for your collection or purchasing a unique gift for family and friends Bonsai nurseries will have all the newest styles and species for you to choose from. Buying locally is always recommended, but if not possible do not hesitate to purchase from a reputable online store.

No matter where you choose to buy, using either a local Bonsai nurseries or online store, owning a healthy Bonsai tree will be an investment in beauty that you will treasure for years to come. Remember to always ask questions, the experience which comes from specialist Bonsai nurseries will help you avoid the novice traps that can be deadly to your new Bonsai tree.

Making your own bonsai nursery

Making the decision to build your own Bonsai nursery has many benefits for anyone intending to be serious about the art form. A Bonsai nursery allows you to grow and harvest your own seeds and enjoy your Bonsai tree every step of the way. Another advantage of owning a Bonsai nursery is the affordability of growing rare Bonsai trees for just a few dollars instead of the hundreds they would cost when bought fully grown from a supplier.

By building your own Bonsai nursery you will get to experience every stage of development your Bonsai trees undergo and will be able to guarantee they receive the proper care and attention they deserve at every step. You will be in control and you can ensure your plants are well taken care of.

Owning a Bonsai nursery takes some dedication, you will need to start by planning exactly what you wish to achieve. Deciding early on the desired shape for each Bonsai tree you grow from seed will allow you to create a myriad of different styles. Preparation is needed to ensure you have the right tools to get the job done.

Patience is a virtue for anybody owning a Bonsai nursery. Trees take years to develop and Bonsai trees are no exception. For many months you will have little to look at in your nursery. Make sure you have a pre-prepared plan to remind you what you need to do and when. Using a timetable will help remind you everything you must do to ensure the health of your germinating Bonsai trees.

Cleanliness is also important to ensure good plant health within your Bonsai nursery. Remove excess dust and dirt to insure your seedlings have access to a healthy environment. Seedlings are delicate and can easily succumb to illness if not cared for properly.

Make sure your Bonsai nursery has good ventilation. If indoors placing near a window which is opened for a few hours every day is ideal. Remember to only place outside if you live in a temperate climate. Exposure to extreme temperatures will affect the ability of your seedlings to thrive. Placing your Bonsai nursery near a fire place or stove is not ideal as the smoke or steam produced will impact negatively on your plants health.

Providing adequate hydration and light to your seedlings is another important element of maintaining a Bonsai nursery. A humidity tray will help provide the moisture needs of your Bonsai nursery during winter. Finding a location which provides your plants with a minimum of four hours of sun in the mornings is ideal for producing health seedlings. Artificial UV lighting will also help provide your Bonsai nursery with its required light, if using an artificial source it is important to remember that you will need to add it to your timetable of daily actions.

Although it will take several years for you Bonsai trees to grow into the shapes you desire, by building a Bonsai nursery you will have control of the entire development of your plants which is very rewarding.