Bonsai Making – Things You Should Know About

Many people do bonsai making for many reasons. Some do it as an artistic hobby, for fun, for pleasure while others do it for the purpose of making money. Whatever they consider the purpose would be, it is essential to know what things work behind this wonderful aesthetic work and how to go about it.

Bonsai making entails so many things. In order for one to successfully create a bonsai plant, there are certain things one must need to know. For beginners, knowing the essentials in bonsai making can be very helpful. If you are interested then learn them. Foremost, being a beginner, you must make the necessary research and know every details of this trade. Once equipped with enough knowledge then head on. Make a thorough selection of the kind of tree you will have for your bonsai plant.

You must consider your geographic location in choosing the right specie for your bonsai making. There are many different kinds of species to choose from. Make sure you select the best. And once you have the specie of your choice, consider thinking how tall or short your bonsai plant be. Bonsai plants can be as tall as 3 feet and can be as short as 6 inches. Decide which size you want before selecting the plant. With the kind and size in mind, you can now go to a nursery or any bonsai plant outlet and select your desired plant.

Bonsai Making - Things You Should Know About
Bonsai Making – Things You Should Know About

In selecting your plant, make sure that you choose a healthy plant. Imagine how the plant you have chosen would look like once turned into a bonsai tree or plant. This way, your time will not be wasted by changing to another plant again if you make a wrong choice. Now, you can select your pot to be used in your bonsai making. In this selection, it is important to consider your desired size and style or plant design. Usually, bonsai makers choose pot shape and color that look artistically pleasing. What is important here is to balance the tree and the pot to physically show the effect of the bonsai plant.

Preparing for bonsai making

Now, you need to prepare the tree by pruning it to your desired shape and wiring the branches if needed. It is necessary to water the roots before transferring the plant in its new pot. Then place the plant securely on the new pot with enough roots and appropriate amount of soil. So by now, you are almost done with your bonsai making. You are now ready to pot your bonsai tree. Since your pot has holes on it, put screens over those holes to prevent soil to erode from them. The soil in your pot must be enough to keep the roots intact then put the tree on your pot.

In bonsai making, the soil you must use should not be the regular potting soil. What is needed is draining soil evenly added to your pot. Precaution must be given in your plant which is now being replanted. It will be a good point if you will be doing the planting during the summer season. Just make sure that you water you new plant well up to the time its roots are being firm in the new pot and the plant starts to grow well.

Now, you have the idea what bonsai making is all about. It’s an exciting activity and it shows your creativity and artistic mind in creating a wonderful bonsai plant of your own. Enjoy making more and have more fun! Experiment more and join some clubs and organizations who builds the trade and learn more. Become an enthusiast!