Bonsai Magazine – A Glance Across Its Leaves

Bonsai is the art of growing trees under restricted conditions to keep its height and weight extremely reduced. Growing bonsai is a contemplative exercise to the grower and an enriching feast to the eyes of its viewer. A bonsai magazine brings out lots of information and experiences on the field.

Bonsai is a specialized skill which requires knowledge and practice on several important aspects before achieving any amount of success on it. You should know about the nuances of several activities such as watering, pruning, coiling, Pest control, aesthetic enhancements, availability of accessories, and many such things that you need to know. A bonsai magazine aims at providing its readers with updated information on all these and more.

Bonsai Magazine – A Glance Across Its Leaves
Bonsai Magazine – A Glance Across Its Leaves

Knowledge on matters such as what pest control products to be used and as to where it is available is easy. A good bonsai magazine is capable of providing you with such bits of information. It also tells you about various suitable species of trees and provides you scientific instructions on how to grow them successfully. It also provides information on the various accessories as bonsai figurines, pots, trays etc.

Books have been written on bonsai. While some of the books teach us the basics of the art, some teach us specialized aspects of it. Some even narrate the bonsai experiences of the writers. But what we most often want is not available on the books or the books on which it is available are mostly not accessible to us. A bonsai magazine becomes of much value at this point.

A bonsai magazine provides knowledge on current affairs in the field of bonsai. They may relate to news on exhibitions held or to be held, awards won, special events revolving around bonsai, and amusing facts. It also provides reliable information on matters such as numerous techniques and styles involved. They also tell us what styles are suited to which trees and what trees are suitable for which regions.

Experiences with a bonsai magazine

Most importantly and interestingly, a bonsai magazine also brings to us the varied experiences of many persons from different places. Learning from the experiences of others can always be enriching. We get to know problems encountered, the solutions applied, the accolades won, the satisfaction gained and of so many others in the field. These magazines give us an opportunity to share with others our own unique experiences.

A bonsai magazine usually contains a lot of colorful photos which adds a greater appeal to its contents. Japan was the first country to bring out a magazine on the subject of bonsai. China soon followed suit. Today we have over two dozen magazines in over a dozen languages across the world. Bonsai today has a global appeal and these magazines are flourishing well, slowly making inroads into other countries.

We have books on bonsai at every corner. Although we have umpteenth numbers of books out there on bookstores and libraries, they are, most often, unable to provide us with the much needed information that we need if we want to experience the art of Bonsai. A Bonsai magazine can give us what we need in terms of information and quick tips.