Bonsai Humidity Tray – Trays And Bonsai For The Artist

A Bonsai humidity tray is one of the indispensable accessories of Bonsai. Bonsai requires that the plants be fed only minimal water. To meet this purpose, the plants are fixed in special shallow containers called pots with holes underneath. These trays collect the seeping water and prevent it from draining out.

During its development and growth, bonsai is housed in a variety of pots. Some pots come in large sizes and are used to accommodate a number of plants. These pots make available enough volume of soil for each tree. Training pots hold very little amount of soil, to aid the plant acquire its miniature form. These development pots along with the bonsai humidity tray come in handy in developing your Bonsai.

Bonsai Humidity Tray - Trays And Bonsai For The Artist
Bonsai Humidity Tray – Trays And Bonsai For The Artist

A bonsai humidity tray plays a great role in maintaining the health of our bonsai trees. Since the pots have drainage holes underside, the humidity tray holds the surplus water draining out and prevents water from dripping out onto the our windowsill, furniture etc. The bonsai humidity tray helps us leave some water on it always so that we are able to maintain a humid atmosphere around the bonsai all the time.

The bonsai humidity tray also allows us to conveniently water the plants anytime, anywhere without fear of spoiling the area with the water and soil that is likely to drain out of the pot. Some of these waterproof trays are large enough to hold multiple pots. They are usually filled with pebbles and small rocks. The water level should be always kept below the height of the rocks on which the pot is placed. This prevents the roots from sitting on water constantly and decaying.

Fully grown bonsai trees are placed in aesthetically crafted pots and trays. The pots come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and are usually made of ceramics. They may be glazed or not. Usually, a bonsai humidity tray is made of a strong material. Previously trays used to be made of materials such as metals, rubber, or glazed ceramic. Nowadays, plastic bonsai trays are available in the market..

A bonsai humidity tray

A bonsai humidity tray usually has flat vertical sides to allow easy removal of the root clusters for checking, pruning and replanting. Formal display of bonsai involves selection of trays with respect to its color, shape and size to conform to the trees concerned. For formally-shaped plants, usually, trays with flat sides and sharp corners are preferred. Trays also come in oval and round shapes.

Some regions of China and Japan are famous for pot making. Pots from these regions are treasured much by some enthusiasts. Today we have potters in many countries and these containers are available now even through the internet. A bonsai humidity tray can be bought in any shape and design at a very reasonable price.

The design of the tree, its thickness, height, colour of the leaves etc go into deciding the suitability of a pot. The quality and nature of the pot used, decide the suitability of the bonsai humidity tray. Use this tool to effectively grow your Bonsai tree. Enjoy and feel your art. See its intricate beauty.