Bonsai Gardening – Tips You Should Know

Bonsai gardening has its roots in ancient China that then spread over to the rest of the world. The word bonsai means “growing plants in a tray”. Bonsai is actually the method of creating miniature plants from any normal plant that would otherwise grow to a much bigger size.

Bonsai gardening gives you peace and relaxes your mind. Spending time with your bonsai, tending to it carefully and meticulously can help take your mind away from the daily hassles of life. The satisfaction of creating a masterpiece with your hands can be immensely satisfying and relaxing. Science too vouches for the therapeutic effect of plants on the human mind. Bonsai thrive only under disciplined caretaking and hence brings with it a discipline in your life. They do a lot of good for your wellbeing.

Bonsai gardening needs meticulous planning and detailing. The roots and foliage of the plant are regularly trimmed by pruning to give an interesting structure to the plant. Along with this the bonsai plant is repotted every two years for a healthier growth. Any plant can be made a bonsai but there are some plants that are better adapted to being made a bonsai compared to other. The first step to growing a bonsai is choosing the right plant or else your labor may go waste.

Bonsai Gardening - Tips You Should Know
Bonsai Gardening – Tips You Should Know

The most interesting aspect of bonsai gardening is pruning and trimming the tree to a unique inimitable structure. Many bonsai gardeners take it as a challenge to grow fruits and flowers in their bonsai. The joy of seeing miniature fruits and flowers on the bonsai are a treat. They are treasured for their visual beauty and not for being of any use. Being able to make your bonsai bloom is not an easy job though and would entail a lot of painstaking labor and expertise.

Bonsai gardening entails various types of bonsai styling that help create the piece of art. Bonsai is a method of converting a normal plant into a dwarf by inducing “dormancy”, so it is imperative to understand that the plant is not genetically a dwarf but has been induced to be one. “Chokkan” is a bonsai style in which the trunk is maintained to be straight and upright. “Shakan” is a bonsai style in which the trunk is grown in a slanting fashion at a distinct angle.

“Kengai” bonsai is grown from the trees that are generally found near the mountains or near the rivers. “Netsunari” bonsai style has the tree laid on one side and its branches growing from it give the appearance of separate trunks. “Forest” style has a number of bonsai trees in one pot. “Root over Rock” style has rocks embedded in the soil and has the roots growing on them. Bonsai gardening styles can be designed as per the gardener and made unique and inimitable.

The rewards of bonsai gardening

Bonsai gardening can be immensely rewarding for the gardener when he views the masterpiece created after years of labor. But be sure to get involved in bonsai planting only if you have the patience, time and discipline it demands. Bonsai is a beauty that develops beautifully with care and patience.