Bonsai Garden – Bringing Art And Nature Together

A Bonsai Garden can be a very rewarding creation, providing a peaceful place to go when the stress of daily life gets to be too much. Being relatively inexpensive and not at all time consuming, with some simple planning and plant selection you can have a beautiful retreat of tranquillity and serenity where you can go to refocus and regather your thoughts.

Originating in China, and developing in Japan, the Bonsai Tree is a perfect combination of Art and Nature. The word Bonsai, originates from the Japanese version of the Chinese word “Penzai” which means ‘Tray Plant” and because of the compact nature of these plants a Bonsai Garden is becoming more and more popular as a garden choice due to the limited space we have available. These trees were originally sculpted to look like mythical dragons and they are believed to create harmony between heaven and earth.

Bonsai Garden - Bringing Art And Nature Together
Bonsai Garden – Bringing Art And Nature Together

Your bonsai garden

Your Bonsai Garden can contain numerous varieties of tree species however some of the more popular choices include Junipers which are one of the easiest of bonsai varieties. They grow both indoors and outside and are one of the most recommended bonsai trees for beginners. Other recommended varieties include Azalea, Cherry Blossom, Japanese Maple and Cotoneasters however most trees can be transformed into a bonsai using techniques such as grafting, defoliation, pruning and root reduction. When following species specific care requirements you will find your Bonsai Garden will give you years of satisfaction.

An outdoor Bonsai Garden with an added option of a simple water feature will enhance the look of your garden and undoubtedly make it the envy of your friends. Compact fountains can be purchased for your local nursery and usually they are as simple to operate as plug in and go. Running water has a very relaxing and calming effect, so adding it to your garden can only enhance it. A Bonsai Garden is an ideal weekend project that will reward you year after year.

Including plants that blossom to your Bonsai Garden will add splashes of colour which can make them more appealing to a wider range of people. The striking pinks of a cherry blossom against the earthly browns and lush green foliage create a gorgeous display. And because these also flower extremely well indoors, there really is no reason why this choice should be any less appealing. Combined with a creative choice of pots that complement your trees, your garden will become a showpiece you would be proud to show off as your own creation.

The common home garden is quite often an unsuitable option due to space limitations and a shortage of time. For this reason the obvious alternative for those still wanting to enjoy the advantages of gardening would be a Bonsai Garden. While it allows for a way to express your own personal creative side, the benefits of such an environmentally friendly hobby are certainly more likely to appeal to most people. In these times of concern over protecting our planet, any garden creation would be a welcome contribution.