Bonsai Gallery – Visiting One

Bonsai Gallery is fun to watch. But what is Bonsai? Bonsai is a plant that is grown in a small pot exuding breathtaking natural scenery. It is made to look like a mature tree through the use of various techniques. It has been subjected to a number of horticultural disciplines through which visual harmony and botanical well being is achieved.

The word ‘bonsai’ is made up of two Japanese characters or word phrases, “bon” & “sai.” “Bon” is the pot or container while “sai” is the tree or potted plant. However, the original term Bonsai comes from the Chinese word “P’en Tsai”, which sounds similar to bonsai and has nearly the same meaning. The essence of this plant is to produce a healthy miniature representation of a tree and seeks to present a plant’s natural beauty.

Bonsai Gallery - Visiting One
Bonsai Gallery – Visiting One

While the art of bonsai has long been associated with Japan, it actually originated first in China and then spread eastward to Korea and then Japan. Furthermore, this form of art was also spread by Buddhist monks who wished to bring the “outdoors” inside their temples. “Artistic” container trees were being cultivated by the Chinese around 600 AD, but many scholars feel that bonsai, or at least potted trees, were being grown in China as far back as 500 or 1,000 BC. It first appeared in Japan during the 12th century perhaps in the very first Bonsai Gallery.

The ultimate challenge for enthusiasts of this tree is to expose its essence. In a Bonsai Gallery, these people devote themselves to creating works to inspire viewers to imagine natural scenes. The artist strives to find avenues for personal expression within the confines of good horticultural practice. Bonsais have pleasant mix of form, thought and suggestion in a miniature world and like all good art, it endures. When one views this tree in a Bonsai Gallery, he does not only see the plant but imagines the scenery around it.

Varity in a bonsai gallery

In a Bonsai Gallery, you can find different varieties of this shrub. It is completely different from any other plant. Dwarf Garden and Maple bonsais are something much more than potted plants. If you try to open up your imagination, you will find bonsai viewing far more fascinating. That is why professional bonsai artists always try to inspire viewers to think beyond what their bare eyes can see. When the bonsai tree lets you see its natural beauty, then it is indeed a masterpiece for you.

By visiting a Bonsai Gallery, one can appreciate the nature’s resourcefulness. You would be struck by nature’s awe and fierceness. You can imagine a juniper tree on a mountain slope, or a ficus tree with entwined withered trunks. You would be fascinated by living creatures’ perseverance. You would then wonder how small and simple things grow enormously beautiful and what stories each plant tells the viewer. It may speak of great age and struggles to survive. It may speak of majesty, magic and power.

Whatever stories these trees may tell, bonsai artists strive to find avenues for personal expression within the confines of horticultural practice. By putting up a bonsai gallery, they would be able to show the spectacular beauty of these plants and the viewers, in turn, will be able to appreciate them.