Bonsai Fruit Trees – What Is There To Know?

A lot of people don’t know much about bonsai fruit trees; they only remember a Japanese theme whenever they’re brought up. Here we will address how they’re trained and grown, where to buy them and their kinds and so forth.

Bonsai fruit trees are basically trees that are trained to grow in a smaller scale; the tree actually produces miniature fruit, edible yet small. Some of the most popular bonsai fruit trees are apple, lemon, lime, tangerine, peach, and fig. The most important thing to think of when buying this miniature tree is to buy the species that suits where you live and the weather.

Selecting the right bonsai fruit trees

Bonsai Fruit Trees – What Is There To Know?
Bonsai Fruit Trees – What Is There To Know?

For instance, you can’t buy lime or lemon bonsai fruit trees if you’re living in an area with a cold climate in general; on the other hand trees like cherry and apple grow best in areas with cold weather and will not grow properly if they’re kept in a warm area. It is best to take advice from the nursery near by on how to deal with your bonsai fruit trees.

When it comes to the place where you buy bonsai fruit trees, the most popular way are through the internet or through catalogs and get them by mail, and since both of those ways will require shipping, you must know that they send the trees with bare roots that you have to place in soil within less than 2 days. It’s vital to plant your tree within that period because after that they start to lose their lives. Also when you receive your trees you must place the roots in warm water for a whole day so they can resurrect. And it’s better to look for a company that guarantees you’ll receive the trees healthy and damage-free.

Choosing the container of the tree can be tricky; you want a container that would fit in the theme of the whole place, at the same time you want your container to match the tree you’ll put inside of it. For instance if you have a cherry tree with fruits of the color red, it would be a bad idea to buy lime green bonsai fruit trees or red container for it because simply the colors won’t match. On the other hand, using yellow or black or may be even blue would suit the tree.

Also when buying a container you should pay attention to the material it’s made of, you might prefer a clay container for the coloring but it might be bad because of the fungi growth, some prefer plastic containers because they don’t cause problems and they’re easier to clean. The bonsai fruit trees usually require a 15 gallon container for it to grow properly, however if you’re buying a lemon or a lime tree you’ll have to go with what’s known as the “Versailles planter” because it’s easily removable from the soil which is a requirement for citrus to add and remove soil as you want.

These are the basic information you need to know when you’re buying bonsai fruit trees, most of the people that have them say they don’t regret buying them, and neither will you.