Bonsai For Sale – Look Before You Buy

Walking past a supermarket or garage you see a delightful Bonsai for sale. You decide it would be the perfect, exotic looking addition to the desk in your den. Or maybe browsing the internet you come across a website offering a cheap Bonsai for sale. Take a minute before you part with your cash; the cheap Bonsai may not be exactly what it seems.

For people new to the world of Bonsai, finding a cheap Bonsai for sale maybe a nice way to start a lifelong hobby but unfortunately cheap Bonsais may not be as healthy as other, more reliable plants available on the market.

Finding the right bonsai for sale

Bonsai For Sale – Look Before You Buy
Bonsai For Sale – Look Before You Buy

Many cheap Bonsai for sale are actually not Bonsai trees at all. Bonsai trees are miniature, mature trees that have been stunted during their development by the careful removal of new growth. Many of the cheaper options available are just juvenile plants in a small, Bonsai style container. Without proper care in their early stage, Bonsai trees easily succumb to many issues. Poor soil and nutrients are one of the major contributors to early death amongst many Bonsai trees.

It is sad that many people who find a cheap Bonsai for sale find that after placing their new cherished tree in the ideal spot it is only a matter of weeks before they lose the tree completely. When this happens many buyers are reluctant to try their luck with a Bonsai tree again, deciding that their care is just too difficult to manage. But this is not the case.

When looking for a quality Bonsai for sale, try to locate a reputable dealer who you can trust instead. Look for websites specializing in providing quality Bonsai trees to the public or visit your local garden nursery. Either an online specialist store or your local nursery will be able to give you detailed information on the ongoing care and maintenance your new Bonsai tree will require.

Yes buying from these sources will be slightly more expensive when you’re are looking at Bonsai for sale; however, if you are regularly throwing your money away on budget Bonsai trees that only last a few weeks you will find that you will save in the long run. Quality care and careful shipping will all ensure the Bonsai tree you choose is at its peak health.

Beginner Bonsai growers looking for a relatively inexpensive but quality Bonsai for sale should look at Juniper Bonsai Trees. Costing between $10 and $20 they are an excellent place to start.

People looking for Bonsai for sale in the next price range would do well to consider the Chinese Juniper, priced below $75 they are a strong, beautiful plant which can take pride of place in any room.

Enthusiast looking for high quality Bonsai for sale should consider Junipers with a Phoenix Graph. Priced around $125 they have a distinctive look which makes them stand out from the rest.
No matter what your price range is, when looking for Bonsai for sale go for a reputable dealer every time to avoid heartache early on.