Bonsai Containers – Get The Right Ones

Bonsai containers are the vessels that hold the tree and its soils. They are the anchor around which a tree grows in specified boundaries. Factors that affect the choice of containers by a gardener are a particular tree type, color of the container, weight of the tree and soil, and the style of the container.

Bonsai Containers

The bonsai tree grows well in a container that respects the fact that growing the tree is an art. Bonsai containers need to be at par with the shape and size of the tree. It’s like a person wearing an over-sized shirt or shoe. They won’t look smart. This same analogy applies to bonsai trees where you have to choose the right container for the right tree. Art is something that humanity refers to achieve beauty, so respect this in bonsai gardening.

Bonsai Containers - Get The Right Ones
Bonsai Containers – Get The Right Ones

The chosen bonsai containers have to have enough strength and capacity to hold the bonsai tree as well as its soils. Any miscalculation or oversight will result in negative results like the pot breaking up or the tree having crooked and stunted growth. Imagine a bridge without adequate strength that holds so many vehicles over the course of the day. If this bridge isn’t strong enough, it will collapse leading to damage of the vehicles. Show caution and choose the right kind of container.

It’s very difficult to wear one piece of cloth for a very long period of time without changing attire. This is in fact a general life principle where you have to change in response to changing situations. Bonsai trees will have to be transplanted every two years. The bonsai containers where the trees will be put after being transplanted have to be of the correct size and shape. Careful measurements and insight before making the choice has to be made otherwise a disaster could occur.

Drainage is an issue that should be considered carefully before using certain bonsai containers. Without proper drainage, the plant could die or produce pale flowers which could make present an ugly scenery within your living room. Put a tray underneath the container to catch the overflow of water. Over watering and under watering can potentially kill your bonsai so it is better to maintain a balance between watering levels. Flowering trees need more water than the white pine which needs dried soils in between watering.

Depending on the tree type, gardeners need to choose different bonsai containers for different trees. Some trees that need a lot of water require larger containers compared to trees that consume less waters. Pay attention to the structure of the tree before choosing a container. Gauge the structure and then choose a container putting the structure into consideration. An illustration to this is like using a bus that is designed to carry 40 passengers, and then loading it with 65 people. It will bulge.

In conclusion, most of what we experience in life is a direct result of what we choose. The right bonsai containers for the right trees will make a life of a gardener very stress free and joyable.Remember that these trees can live for 200 years so plan carefully for the containers.