Bonsai Cherry Tree – Why it is a Must Have

Have you for a long time held on to the idea of trying your hands at bonsai but have absolutely no idea which tree to choose? Maybe it is time you turned your idea into a real hobby with a favorite tree among bonsai enthusiasts- the bonsai cherry tree. This article discusses this magnificent tree, its beauty and why you must have one seated somewhere on your patio or in sitting room.

The Bonsai Cherry Tree

If you have been to a place where cherry trees grow, you must be somewhat familiar with the beautiful bloom and pleasant fragrance when these trees bloom. There are many reasons why the bonsai cherry tree is an all time favorite for many bonsai lovers but none of these reasons supersedes the tree’s adaptability to various environments. When grown indoors, the tree develops into a miniature tree with small blooms and a small tree with larger blooms when raised outdoors.

Bonsai Cherry Tree – Why it is a Must Have
Bonsai Cherry Tree – Why it is a Must Have

The bonsai cherry tree is highly receptive to quality sunlight. As such, it will do well in full sun but will require shade during the searing heat of summer. It is recommended that you check with your gardening centre for temperature requirements since different cherry species perform well only within certain temperature ranges. Don’t keep your bonsai cherry tree parched for long. These trees require a relative large amount of water. Watering frequently will effectively take care of this. Just make sure you don’t waterlog the soil, as it will have devastating effects.

Cut back on the amount of water during winters. Just don’t let the soil dry. Keep it moist at all times. To make sure you get it right, place your finger an inch below the soil surface. If it’s dry, then you need to water your plant. Don’t water the flowers by when your bonsai cherry tree is in bloom. Doing so will result into the rotting of the beautiful flowers.

It is important to note that your bonsai cherry tree is a plant just like any other and as such, it requires food for healthy and vigorous growth. After your bonsai cherry tree has flowered, feed it one every fortnight. Get a liquid fertilizer specially formulated for bonsai. If you have some household fertilizer that was left over you can use this as well. Just make sure it is diluted by 50%. If the fertilizer is high in potassium, the better for late feeding. Refrain from feeding your tree during the hot summer months.

Repotting is very crucial to the health of your bonsai tree. It is recommended that you repot your bonsai cherry tree every other second year. This should only be done in the spring. The duration of repotting again varies with the species of bonsai cherry you have. Make sure you get rid of all the old dirt by rinsing it off and replacing it with fresh standard bonsai soil. Water the tree to ensure the root ball remains moist. When all the above steps are done, you will have fun styling the cherry tree.

The bonsai cherry tree can take any style within your imagination with the exception of the Broom style of course. Use a style only after considering the size of the leaves and the trunk. At the end of the day, you will have beautifully looking bonsai to enjoy for years to come.