Bon Sai – Never Leaving The Heart Of Men Soon

Bon sai originated from China but at that time it was called Pun-Sai which explains the process of growing a single tree in a tray. These trees are made to acquire different shapes by pruning it the way you want it. The trees are not only pruned to have different shapes, they are also dwarfed by pruning to match different designs like landscape, beast, lands and even more. The trees are pruned with a religious myth at the back of the grower’s mind to match up the shape and design and they don’t just end at the ancient myths, as the world changes, they still search for new myths to enable them make a Bon sai which is different from the usual ones.

Out of these countries, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Korea, Japan played a very big role in the development of Bon sai. It truly originated from China but it got popularized in Japan to the extent that even the creator, China had to find out the techniques the Japanese where using to make it work. With this improved popularity and the versatility of Bon sai, it turned into an indoor plant and a plant that could be used for gifting.

Bon Sai History

Bon Sai – Never Leaving The Heart Of Men Soon
Bon Sai – Never Leaving The Heart Of Men Soon

During the 14th century when it was just coming up, the Asian countries still saw it as a great form of art. This shows how fast Bon sai was growing as at that time.

It continued on and on until the 19th century where series of technological improvement erupted to make the plant a talk of the town. The Japanese Bon sai expert kept on putting their heads together to come up with a design that would beat human imagination and they kept on winning each time they did. Each of their new work was completely different from the previous ones and no matter how two comes close in looks; something unique would still separate the two of them. Different myths and ideas came to their minds and of examples which were buildings, rocks, accent plants and so much more but you’ll always be sure that they would be beautiful, unique and attractive to anyone who lays an eye on it.

The speed at which the art of Bon sai spread around the western world was alarming with so many exhibitions in different parts of the European and Asian continents. Amongst all this exhibitions, I can still remember that of world exhibition 1909 in Paris which ended up boosting the speed of its global spread.

In the 2nd word war, the plant still yet became famous again in the western world as the US soldiers defeated the Japanese and ended up bringing home the Bon sai plant along with them as they found their way back to America. Even though the plant didn’t live long, it touched the hearts of the American citizens who are known to have high regards for flowers. The fact that they couldn’t get over the death of that plant made them develop interest in the growing of the plant and soon started having it around them again.