Best Bonsai Trees – For Beginners

If you have been growing the Best Bonsai trees for a while now or you are now an expert in the art, then you would agree with me that it has become a part of you and a talent that can never be priced with money. Taking a career in Bonsai tree growing could give you the income that would be enough to settle your bills and still have time to play, meet with friends and go on a vacation. You would even turn your apartment into a show room with different Bonsai tree species placed at different corners of your apartment.

Best Bonsai Trees – For Beginners
Best Bonsai Trees – For Beginners

If you are new to the art of growing the Best Bonsai trees and you are having difficult times, it would not be good for you to opt out and go for the artificial ones as you might be throwing a potential money making adventure away. You just need to take the necessary precautions required for you to grow a Bonsai successfully which are

  • You should determine the right place to place your tree, the soil and the temperature.
  • Your watering should be adequate. Too much water could make the root of the Bonsai to rot so your water application should be moderate.
  • Make sure that you use the right kind and amount of fertilizers.
  • Your pruning must also be accurate and well timed.

Some popular and the Best Bonsai trees for beginners are available and they include Azalea, Cherry Blossom, Japanese Maple, Juniper and Cotoneaster. These aforementioned trees are far easier to manage and nurture than the others due to their hardy nature.

The Azalea is a popular kind of Bonsai that belongs to the shrub family but can still be nurtured and pruned into a lovely Bonsai. This Azalea for beginners flourishes in the spring producing lovely looking colorful flowers.

The Cherry Blossom is capable of surviving whether it is placed outdoors or indoors but the types that are grown indoors flourish more than the ones placed outdoors. When these trees are grown to the grower’s desire, they look tremendously amazing.

The Japanese Maple is another good plant that can be used for experiment by beginners. This tree specie is very easy to nurture, last long and provides an excellent experience for the beginner.

The Juniper is one among the Best Bonsai trees which are very free from troubles as they are capable of growing both indoors and outdoors. This specie of tree is mostly preferred by learners for practice. The fact that they can withstand difficult temperatures doesn’t mean that you should keep them under unimaginable temperatures but keeping below 60 degree F is fair enough.

And finally, the Cotoneaster is the last option I would be talking about as it has small, brilliantly looking leaves but notwithstanding, could be used for practice. Its properties are that it is long lasting and comes in different forms and designs. It should always be used outdoors but should still be taken care of.

I have taken time to write on the Best Bonsai trees for beginners who are new in the practice to master it. All you need is determination and focus and there would be no stopping.