Beginner Bonsai Trees – Mastering The Art Of Bonsai

It is not too difficult for a beginner to Bonsai tree cultivation to get mastered in the art. It is even easier if you have been growing other species of trees or if you are a horticulturist. The main thing that is needed for a tree to be called Bonsai is the frequent pruning and making sure they don’t grow too tall as they are supposed to be dwarfed in nature. Although many people have said that cultivating Bonsai is difficult but I stand to tell you that it is a lie when you deal with beginner Bonsai trees.

Beginner Bonsai Trees - Mastering The Art Of Bonsai
Beginner Bonsai Trees – Mastering The Art Of Bonsai

For a beginner to successfully learn how to care for a Bonsai tree, he should practice with beginner Bonsai trees- those ones that are hardy in nature because the other species may die easily if not handled with care. The art of mastering and growing Bonsai is complex in nature and may take several years to learn but when you are good at it, it would take you significantly lesser time to grow and nurture one. The good thing about the art is that it is fun and would serve as a good exercise and pleasure for you. Although you would find several species that would still grow normally without much attention but you still would have to be alert to the various necessary activities that still should be done. These activities are common to most flowers and they are watering, pruning, re-potting and feeding.

As a newcomer to Bonsai tree growing, it is advisable that you sketch the design and size of the Bonsai tree that you would want to grow in your mind or in a sheet of paper so that it would be a guide for you when you start pruning it. For the beginner Bonsai trees to grow into your desired shape and size; it definitely would take several months of monitoring, pruning and watering so if you are a Beginner Bonsai grower; make short term goals your target so that you would have ample time to practice and master the art.

I earlier spoke of the use of a hardy beginner Bonsai trees as practice trees for Bonsai beginners and I would still stand by it because it would give more opportunities of making mistakes and quickly learning from it. I would give you some species of hard Bonsai plant now so that you would know where to start from.

The first I would talk about is the Azalea specie which would always bear adorable flowers to light up the environment. The roots and stems are hard but still would give good artistic look. Kurume and Satkuzi are two types of the Azalea specie which can be found in the nurseries and are not expensive to buy.

The cherry blossom is another specie which has the property of withstanding harsh climatic conditions and are very radiant.

Other species under beginner bonsai trees are the Juniper and the Japanese Maple; all these species can be perfectly pruned by a beginner with good tools like the shears and the rest. The watering can could also be used to water the trees.