Banyan Bonsai Tree – The Bonsai To Beat

The Banyan is a mystical tree in the strange way it grows. So many Asian countries came up with the belief that ghost and spirits are present in the banyan trees. Even though it looks forbidden, if you correctly apply its beauty turning it into a bonsai plant, you would definitely be surprised at magnificent figure of art you would be standing behind.

Banyan Bonsai tree is fast becoming the consumer’s favorite in the market

The Banyan Bonsai tree which sells hugely in the European market today was made popular in the Asian continent. The Banyan trees like I said earlier are believed to be possessed by ghost and spirits but this doesn’t stop it from being used as a Bonsai tree. In addition to that, the Bonsai trees have breezed through the global markets today making it one of the most sought after Bonsai. The good thing about the Banyan Bonsai tree is that it falls in the family of Ficus Fig plant which is quite easy to maintain and care for. It is also an outdoor tree which requires little light for adequate growth.

Banyan Bonsai Tree – The Bonsai To Beat
Banyan Bonsai Tree – The Bonsai To Beat

Growing a Banyan Bonsai tree

Growing a Banyan Bonsai tree has over the years been positive and rewarding that all Bonsai tree lovers are always happy seeing it around. You are free to bend the tree to any structure that pleases you and you would still have a beautiful structure standing. Have you ever thought of the kind of appreciation that you would receive from whoever you give a Banyan Bonsai tree as a gift? You’ll never know until you try it one day.

These Bonsai specie have been made to look too exquisite and extremely charming for their scaled roots. Their aerial roots could make the appearance and looks of the Bonsai more charming if they are properly monitored. Another great feature of the Banyan Bonsai tree is that it has the capability of growing on its own. By leaving it to grow on its own with so much leaves and branches, you may wire it to obtain different curved shapes.

Trimming and shaping a banyan bonsai

Like I said earlier, the Banyan Bonsai tree usually grow on its own and spreads itself round the root so you would have to always trim the roots properly and accurately to enable the tree remain healthy. You could end up reducing the normal life span of the Banyan Bonsai tree if you don’t trim the roots regularly and properly

Tray size

Your tray’s size is another important consideration when growing a Banyan Bonsai tree as an oversize pot which has other plants in it would possible disturbs the healthy growth of the Banyan Bonsai tree. Due to the Banyan specie the Bonsai belongs to, the smaller versions could become totally aggressive if placed in smaller pots.

In conclusion, the Banyan Bonsai tree is more accepted by consumers owing to the fact that it can easily be cared for and shaped. The Banyan trees definitely obey the law and characteristics set for a tree worthy to be called a Bonsai.