Artificial Bonsai Trees – Bonsais for the Black thumb

For a magical and enchanting addition to every home or office, every outdoor or indoor entertaining area, there is no better plant than the bonsai tree. Though we acknowledge their beauty, many of us have avoided bonsai trees because of the time and skill required to properly maintain them.

Would you like to enjoy the natural beauty of bonsai trees, but without the time requirement for their maintenance?

The answer is here in the form of artificial bonsai trees. Would you consider owning artificial bonsai trees, which require only light dusting before you have visitors to your home or office?

Artificial Bonsai Trees - Bonsais for the Black thumb
Artificial Bonsai Trees – Bonsais for the Black thumbAbout The Bonzai Tree

Also referred to as the replica bonsai tree, artificial bonsai trees are hand made with quality silks to look almost indistinguishable from their living counterparts. No pruning, no wiring, and no effort at all, silk bonsai trees are life sized, but fixed at the perfect size forever. Bring your home alive with the natural beauty of bonsai – with no upkeep. 

The superior durability of the artificial bonsai trees ensures that they will never loose their beauty. Just clean them when you are doing your housework by running over them once with a slightly damp cloth and you’re done. 

The perfect gift for everyone, artificial bonsai trees can be given away with no regard for the gardening skill or time the recipient has to devote to the long term enjoyment of their present. Share your love of bonsai, and your friends and family may develop an interest and learn to bonsai for themselves.

Watching a bonsai tree grow and form their shape is a magical and traditional art which has been enjoyed for centuries. Enjoying the beauty of the finished product with artificial bonsai trees encourages many to learn more about this ancient art of bonsai. So fuel someone’s curiosity and creativity today with the gift of an artificial bonsai.

Meanwhile, decorating a home or office with artificial bonsai trees as an alternative to the real thing will reduce the responsibility and dedication required to spend time in a relaxed garden atmosphere. Caring for a bonsai is delicate work, requiring patience and dainty dexterity which so few people have time for in this hurried society. But that doesn’t mean we have to go without the beauty of silken replica bonsai around us.

When purchasing an artificial bonsai, there is a wide range to choose from. Pre-designed trees are generally made of real wood and silken leaves, and come in several styles and sizes. For the more discerning customer however, custom ordered trees are the way to go. The choice of fabrics and colours, whether silk or synthetic can be very personal and chosen to blend or to stand out in your environment, and the quality of the wooden trunk can make the bonsai almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

So shop around until you find an exquisite artificial bonsai tree with the vibrancy and detail that the artist can be proud of. Try online stores as well as local outlets but do not expect quality to come cheap. A quality replica can be as expensive as the original tree and worth every cent.