Art of Bonsai – Learn and Become an Artist

In ancient times some efficient and professional person or a great genius with artistic senses, must have been in love with the beauty of the nature. The idea to create small potted plants or to invent the art of bonsai, must have begun according to one’s desire to copy the beauty of the nature in a miniature way.

The beginning of this art is very ancient and is very difficult to be localized in history. In the origins, art of bonsai could be placed in Japan and earlier in China.

There is a possibility for the art of bonsai to be developed as a necessity, like other forms of creation. The necessity could be a practical one, strongly-built on space needs.

Art of Bonsai - Learn and Become an Artist
Art of Bonsai – Learn and Become an Artist

The inspiration of growing miniature trees and other different plants was not developed spontaneously with the perfect and final details. It evolved over a long period of time, using influences, ideas and knowledge about cultivation and growing plants. Bonsai creation started from the beauty of the plants, shape and colours, connected to deficiency of space. It was a treat to look to those recipients full of inspiration. 

The place of origin for cultivating gardens became localized in the place named Fertile Crescent, nowadays known as Iraq. The initial recorded action of growing gardens for the beauty of the plants and for pleasure provided emerged in Babylon as wonderful Hanging Gardens. It is known that these gardens were built by Nebuchadnezzar II, around 600BC. They are judged to be an Ancient’s World wonder and contributed in defining today’s art of bonsai.

Those times, hanging gardens were very popular. So, the trees and other species of plants were grown in containers. The restricted place for growing plants needs special knowledge and skills, therefore, people in early times developed the basic techniques of bonsai.

This is why it could be considered that bonsai gardening is the way that precedes the art of bonsai at present. The first connection to the term ‘bonsai’ took place in China at the same time with the Tang Dynasty, between year 618 and year 907. There are proofs for the fact that growing plants in small places was concentrated as a very organized practice more than 2600 years ago. This means it is a custom of old standing before the building of Hanging Gardens.

There is a theory about the art of bonsai development: the herbalists began to grow plants in recipient s for transportation purpose. But the transportation conditions in those times were limited. It was very difficult to transfer small crockery pots comprising plants on a donkey, a horse or in a small part for transporting. For this reason people practiced the drying of the roots or leaves. This method of carrying them was easier and very efficient and is still used up to the present.

The first models in growing trees and other different plants in small containers were provided by China. This great idea was introduced in Japan approximately in 1195AD. Additionally, they developed and purified the techniques in growing bonsai. The beauty and unique art of bonsai was transmitted to the present-day and deserves sincere appreciation.